October 15, 2020

Does anyone get priority acceptance?

The priority categories listed below indicate the order in which applications are considered. Final acceptance to MEI is determined on an individual basis.

Category 1
Students presently enrolled.
o Exception: If a student is transitioning out of the International Program to the regular program at MEI, they must apply as a student new to MEI.
o Exception: Enrollment at MEI Preschool does not give priority status for MEI Kindergarten application.

Category 2
⬧ Children of MEI Member Church pastors and missionaries, or MEI staff.

Category 3
⬧ New students who are siblings of students presently enrolled, and who are members, or whose parent(s) are members of MEI Member Churches.
⬧ New students who are members, or whose parent(s) are members of MEI Member Churches.

Category 4
⬧ New students who are siblings of students presently enrolled and who are not members, or whose parent(s) are not members of MEI Member Churches.

Category 5
⬧ New students who are not members, or whose parent(s) are not members of MEI Member Churches.

Why do some students from certain churches get priority for applications?

MEI is owned and operated by 12 local MEI Society Member Churches and as such parents who are members at these churches receive priority in the consideration of their applications. This priority is not a guarantee of placement and if we have limited spaces or applications come in late even parents with priority applications will be placed on a waiting list. MEI confirms with churches all applicants who claim membership at one of these churches before admitting students.

Where is my child on the waitlist?

Many factors are considered when accepting students at MEI. This includes the priority categories above, as well as learning needs and abilities. We do not provide information about waiting list pools.

My child had an assessment.  How can I find out the results?

Student assessments do not yield a grade level, but are designed to highlight skills and concepts that students may need support in. We do not provide information about these results.

Is the application fee refundable?

If your child is accepted to MEI and you choose to not take the spot, the deposit is non-refundable. If your child does not get accepted into MEI, your deposit will be returned in November. (If deposit was paid by cheque, no money will be returned as the cheque will not be processed and will be shredded).

What if my child is not accepted?

You will be given the option of remaining on our waiting list pool until the fall should a position open up in the future. At any time you may remove your child from the waiting list pool and we will reimburse you the application fee. In November, if no spaces have come available we will send you a letter indicating that your application fee is being refunded with instructions for applying again for the following year should you choose. Our waiting list pools do not carry over from one year to the next and you will be required to complete a new application each year.

Do we have to go to church or be Christians to attend MEI Middle?

No, MEI has an open enrollment policy which means you do not have to attend church or be a Christian to attend our school. We do, however, make it very clear that we are a Christian school in all we do and a Christian worldview and Biblical truths will be incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. All students will be expected to participate in chapels, Bible classes, and devotional times in class. We respect each student’s ability to make their own personal choice regarding whether or not to follow Jesus however we want to be clear that they will be taught what it means to follow Jesus and encouraged to follow Him on a regular basis.

Does my child have to attend Bible classes?

Each class attends the same set of courses, one of which is Bible. Bible classes are required for all students at MEI Middle.

Do you have school uniforms?

No, MEI Middle has a dress code that students are expected to follow but we do not require students to wear uniforms.

Does MEI offer bus service?

Yes, MEI offers bus services from a number of different locations but not typically door to door service. Please check our website for further information on bussing. Please note that are bussing services are often at capacity with waiting lists so we recommend investigating this as early as possible if you are considering bussing for your child.

What is the 1-to-1 program?

The 1-to-1 program means that each student at MEI Middle brings an approved device. This allows us to extend the walls of the classroom and for students to have more opportunities to pursue their interests and passions. A list of approved devices will be provided each year following acceptance into MEI Middle.

Are there other fees besides tuition at MEI Middle?

Yes, MEI sources and supplies certain school supplies/resources for students and charges a one-time resource fee each fall. We also typically charge a one-time field trip fee to cover the expenses involved with providing field trips throughout the year. Fees for gym strip and musical instruments may also be required. These fees vary dependent on the grade level. MEI sometimes offers different optional after school sport “camps” or courses which would incur additional fees should your child choose to enroll.


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