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Guidance Counsellors

Appointments can be set up by talking with us directly, leaving a message on our voice mail at (604) 859-3700 or by emailing us. As counselors and teachers, we are here to support and encourage you, to listen, to help you make decisions and/or solve problems regarding academic, personal or career issues. We want you to feel safe here at MEI secondary and hope that your experience is a positive one that affirms who you are as uniquely created by God, and encourages you to further develop your gifts and strengths, as you discover the plans He has for you. We will try to be aware of your needs and invite you to let us know when additional support and encouragement would be appreciated and/or helpful, and how we can best support and serve you (eg. maybe your family is going through a difficult time or you’re having conflict with friends or teachers). If we are not in our office or are already meeting with someone, please fill out an appointment form, slide it under our office door in Student Services (Room 226) and head back to class – we will try to meet with you as soon as possible. If, however, you need to see someone immediately please go to the main General Office. We invite you to check out the Student Services bulletin board for various employment/volunteer opportunities, educational events, enrichment activities etc. and our Student Services resource room for various print and online post-secondary, career and health related resources.

C. Girard

Mr. Christian Girard,

Phone Extention: 320
E-Mail: cgirard@meischools.com

C. Ratzlaff

Ms. Cathy Ratzlaff,

Phone Extention: 321
E-Mail: cratzlaff@meischools.com


Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides support to students with a variety of needs that may be long term or short term. Mrs. Thatcher and Ms Hofenk work together to determine what kind of level of intervention is necessary to enable success. Part of our conversation will also be about whether there is space in our program and if we are able to meet the specific needs of individual students. If you have any questions you can contact either one of us and we will be glad to have a conversation with you.

S. Thatcher

Mrs. Sharon Thatcher,

Learning Assistance Coordinator
Phone Extention: 308
E-Mail: sthatcher@meischools.com

S. Hofenk

Ms. Fran Hofenk,

Special Education Coordinator
Phone Extention: 310
E-Mail: fhofenk@meischools.com