April 24, 2023

Alumni & friends in the trades industry: MEI is working on some fantastic exciting new initiatives to highlight businesses in the Red Seal Trades or other skilled labour industry, and connect them with reliable student workers.

We look forward to similar events in the future and are building a trades directory – please fill out the below form to be participate. 

> Read the Trades Spotlight from the Fall 2023 Issue of Connections Magazine

Questions? Please contact Lesley Weiss, Career Programs Coordinator via email:

MEI Trades Directory 

Are you involved with Trades, and looking to build relationships with the younger generation to promote your trades and to draw new and interested young workers into the business? Add your business to a Trades Directory to connect within the MEI community and with potential student workers.

Please fill out the below form to have yourself listed in our Skilled Trades Alumni & Friends Directory.

MEI Trades Open House 

MEI hosted its first-ever Trades Open House this past April 24, 2024 and it was a huge success!  Tradespeople in local companies and businesses shared about their industry, and students could try activities hands-on.  A big thank you to this year’s presenters!

We look forward to similar events in the future – please fill out the below form to be notified.


MEI Trades Open House Events connect local tradespeople and skilled labour businesses with current students and families of MEI. This networking can benefit both business and young workers, by providing learning and awareness of details of the skilled trades and connecting interested and capable students with employers.

If you would like more info on being part of a future event, please fill out the below form.