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Opportunities are vast and varied for the Grade 8s at MEI Middle School. Our single-gender retreats start off the year, and the theory that students perform better in single-sex classes is put to the test in Math and Language Arts. Our Exploratory Program allows students to dabble with cooking, sewing, wood-working, acting, jewellery-making, and video producing and editing. The Fine Arts are a strong component of our school, and students are involved in Band, Music, Art and Choir. Leadership 8 students play a critical role in school atmosphere by organizing a variety of theme-related events. Athletic options include: volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross-country running, swimming, golf, rugby, badminton, etc. The Bible curriculum examines both Old and New Testament books, an in-depth look at the life of Jesus and a unit on Worldview. Students are also actively involved in Service Learning through our leaf-raking day, the raising of funds to host a luncheon and present gift bags to guests from the Salvation Army. We really do teach to the body, mind and spirit of each Grade 8 student.

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