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Grade 6 is a year of transition. Students often come looking forward to having a locker as well as being able to move from one class to another during the day, while having a homeform class to meet with during Advisory in the morning. Our Exploratory Program allows students to try Cooking, Tech-Ed, take part in our Character Council as well as try Information Technology (Media Arts) – where they explore digital photography and presentation software including Powerpoint and Memories on TV. Students have an opportunity to explore other subjects in the Applied Skills Program which includes classes such as Graphic Arts, Sewing, Keyboarding and Career Education. The Bible curriculum begins with a unit on the Basics of Christianity and is followed by an in-depth study of other themes and books.

There are also many Athletic teams that students can join which include cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, track and field, badminton, etc. Grade 6 is a year where students are given many opportunities to explore, grow and become involved in the Middle School community.

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