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Grade 6 Student
MEI Elementary School

Hello my name is Sarah LeGear and I am in Grade 6.

My Special Moments

The principal, Mr. Burkinshaw and I are very close. We did math class together and we have the same birthday. He is always available to talk about my life and how I am doing.

Several times I have been sick for long periods of time. For example I was sick with the Swine Flu for three and a half months. My teacher, Mrs. Moews really touched my heart during that time. She was so kind. My classmates sent me gifts and thick packages full of cards. I got emails just to see how I was doing. Also, they phoned me and sang a song that they made up. It made me feel loved and special. I knew that I was in the best class ever.

The teachers at MEI are all very loving and kind to their students and they never make you feel left out or alone. The teachers have been a big influence on me. Mr. Burkinshaw and Mr. Knodel have shown me that it is not just about being smart or better than other people. It’s really all about being a Christian and having God in your heart.

I have really grown close with God because of Chapel. I especially love it at Christmas time. It helps us to remember the birth of Jesus and we also have so much fun singing and celebrating.

Mr. Burkinshaw, Mr. Knodel, and Mr. Wardle have all helped me in my journey at MEI by challenging me with extra math and reading.

We do lots of fundraising to help the Food Bank, Cyrus Center, Haiti and Heart Two Heart. It is a lot of fun and it makes me feel proud to support so many different communities