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Grade 12 Student
MEI Secondary School

“MEI has helped me explore all sorts of different things that I will encounter in life.”

My name is Michelle and I am in grade 12 at MEI Secondary.

. I have been attending MEI for 12 years. Ever since I walked into the doors of MEI I have felt a real welcome and safety in this school for many reasons. This school has provided so many opportunities for me to excel in my future career.

My favorite parts of MEI are that there is a wonderful athletics and awesome preforming Arts for others to be involved in. This school has helped me to realize of those talents I have been given and it is singing to glorify God! MEI is a place where you can make long lasting friends relationships, try all sorts of different sports, and instruments, and finally having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible classes, Prayers, and worship. This place helped me and is helping me to grow physically and also spiritually in everything I do. I have recently transitioned from the middle school building to the High school building, and I have adjusted quite well to the new atmosphere and being around older people and finally entering high School. In the summer I thought high school would be scary and nerve wracking but as I entered high school I felt much happier and friendlier. It is so different from the middle and elementary schools.

One event that changed my life was when all the grade 8’s did a 30 hour fast. This was very interesting because it is not every day you fast for 30 hours straight. During this time I learned to study and dig deep into God’s word and reflect by praying about what I learned. Another event that our grade teachers hosted was called World Hunger and there were 3 classes in this event: The Top Kids (Canada and the US), The Middle Class, and the Lower Class. In this event everyone learned about the differences regarding hunger all around the world. This made me want to help and support many kids/people around the world who don’t have enough money to buy food or don’t have money at all. MEI is a place where students can strive to their excellence and be involved in so many activities and events.

This place is a friendly and pleasant environment. While striving for excellence in academics everyone also gets to be sociable too. I have been involved in so many sports like volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, and soccer. My favorite is the music and arts programs! My talent is singing so I love to be in different types of choirs. Whenever I come to the MEI I feel comfortable and safe in everything I achieve. MEI has very nice and kind teachers. A few years ago my family and I had to move down to Dallas, Texas, because of my dad’s work. Both my sister and I had to change and adjust to the new school environment. This was a really big change for me especially because I’ve never been to another school other than MEI. The school environment wasn’t like anything back home in MEI. But after, we got to move back to Abbotsford and continue studying in MEI Middle.

Now I am in the MEI Secondary and I love every minute of it! When I came back I felt welcomed back from the different teachers and my friends. I think MEI has helped me to explore all sorts of different things that I will encounter in life. I can certainly agree on MEI’s slogan ‘Equipping students for life and forever!’ MEI has certainly become a huge part in my life and this school has inspired to me to be who I am through so many events and activities, that’s why MEI is the best school in the whole world. Thank-You!