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Megean Engh


2014 Graduate
MEI Secondary School

“My story did not begin with simply attending a school, but entering a community.”

Hi everyone! I’m Meagan, and ever since I stepped into kindergarten, MEI has been my home. I wish I could tell you about every moment of laughter, pain, challenge, love and growth that God brought down my path in the last twelve years.

My story didn’t begin with simply attending a school, but entering a community. At MEI I grew roots. I was planted in classes that shared the gospel, loud and clear. The Lord’s message reached the depths of my heart through music. MEI offered programs and productions that let me discover my ever-increasing love for performing arts. The hand motions in chapel were the stepping stone that led from playing Tacky the Penguin in kindergarten, to the lead role as Golde in Fiddler on the Roof during my grade seven year. I had always given myself completely too each character and every assignment, up until grade eight.

That year I turned from the satisfaction Jesus offered and decided to rely on myself to chase the acceptance of others. I thought the world was all about learning to be independent, taking charge, and showing everyone else how much you are worth. I placed my trust in what I could earn, grabbing hold of material possessions. Then my family was devastated with a home invasion that almost cost us our lives. We left the country, resorted to around-the-clock body guards, a police dog, and alarm systems but not one of them took the paranoia away. In this run away from fear, God directed me to run to him. We ended up moving to a small community close to MEI. What are the chances that the high school counselor is my next door neighbor? Sure enough, Mr. Girard was there and had a daughter in my grade. Rachelle became my prayer warrior, my encouragement, and my best friend.

In Luke 15:6 it says, “Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.'” Jesus found me and literally brought me together with rejoicing neighbors! I wandered as much as possible only to find that “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (Ps. 23:1). What more could I want? I have the greatest love. The love that laid down his life for every sheep.

God used the pain to cause me to fall back into His arms, His unfailing love, and His inseparable family. I am part of a community where I can name every person I pass in the hallway. Where the ripple effects of all my actions are evident. An honest place where we are not sliding by unguided, but where I have teachers speaking into my soul every morning. I can ask all my questions and have taken classes like World Religions to open my eyes to the ways people are trying to reach God. And in that, I find that we can’t save ourselves by tipping the scales of our works that the wounds of gossip don’t disappear if I compliment people. Only the wounds of Christ bring me salvation. At MEI my eyes are open to Him every day.

A room at MEI where I see this, which is dear to my heart and full of my life, is the high school auditorium. I have sat in those theater seats with our prayer team, interceding for everyone who would sit there after us. I have arrived there at 7am twice a week for choir rehearsal and pour my heart out on stage as our worship leader twice every Thursday. I have listened to the testimonies of Missionaries, Pastors, and my own classmates fill the room every Tuesday chapel. Last year I danced and sung three hours a day there in preparation to walk down those stairs performing as Maria in “The Sound of Music.” But you see, it is not about the room itself, rather what happens within it. MEI is not just a building made of walls and carpeted floors, but a body of people moving to the same beat, breathing in God’s spirit and pumping with passion for Christ. I don’t have the words or time to cover all the adventures and feelings this place has brought, but I can tell you this much: I have truly invested myself in the heart of MEI, and am so blessed to a part of a place where the story is about God.