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Maxwell Chadwick


Grade 12 Student
MEI Secondary School

“I now tell anyone that will listen about the incredible opportunities MEI offers students. The only regret was not understanding the enormous differences in schools much, much earlier.”

From the Parent of a MEI student

If you had told our family a couple of years ago that one of our children would change schools mid high school to a private school over in Abbotsford, we would never have believed it. We very much enjoyed the Mission public school experience all through elementary and both kids seemed to be faring well in high school — pulling straight A’s through-out. The truth was, both kids were struggling finding their way outside of their physical classrooms. It wasn’t one thing within the school system that we could pin point, just a lot of small things that all piled up to create the personal challenges they each were facing. We figured it was just a normal part of growing up.

In 2011 my son (Maxwell) met a group of kids that he really clicked with through a local sport’s group; the kids were like-minded and within weeks became his good friends. It wasn’t long before he approached us and asked if we could consider allowing him to change schools. We were hesitant at first, our main fear being that he would feel like an outsider going to a new private school in a different city so late in the game (grade 10). The reality is was that it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

From the very first day of school, Maxwell said he felt more at home at MEI than he ever did at his old school. On numerous occasions staff and students approached him to just say hello and welcome him to the school. In fact, if he needed any guidance or assistance all he needed to do was look confused and someone was there to point him in the right direction. He signed up for volleyball and (despite not actually being able to play on the team due to the transfer) said it felt more like a family than a team. After 6 months into the school year Maxwell will tell you without hesitation it is the best decision he has ever made. He enjoys it all: the teachers, the staff, the students, the atmosphere and the guidance in his path of service. He looks forward to each day and all that it brings with it.

On a side note, as a new MEI parent I have to say I share many of the same feelings as Maxwell. It has been a truly rewarding experience; right from the very first interview with Mr. Gerard. I now tell anyone that will listen about the incredible opportunities MEI offers students. Our only regret as parents was not understanding the enormous differences in the schools much, much earlier.