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Kaitlyn Burkinshaw


Grade 12 Student
MEI Secondary School

“MEI has taught me so much over the years … and not just academically, but spiritually as well. Over my years at MEI I have made memories and friendships to last a lifetime and a relationship will God that will last even longer.”

My name is Kaitlyn and I am currently a grade 12 student here at MEI.

I have been going to MEI ever since I first stepped through the doors in kindergarten and I can honestly say that there is nowhere else that I would rather attend school. MEI has taught me so much over the years…and not just academically but spiritually as well. Over my years at MEI I have made memories and friendships to last a lifetime and a relationship with God that will last even longer.

But amidst all those memories there have definitely been some moments during my time here that have stood out above the rest. A couple of my school years that have really made an impact on my life were grades 5, 8 and 9.

During my grade 8 year I had fabulous teachers. One of my teachers a couple years ago was especially encouraging and influential. Mrs. Fehr was always there…she never pretended to have it all figured out and ultimately, over time, made our class a family.

At one point in grade 8 our grade had the opportunity to rake leaves in the yards of houses in neighbourhoods surrounding the school. During this fieldtrip however, there was also a need for a group of students who would volunteer to go around, door to door, offering prayer. So…timidly at first, a couple of friends and I set out in the hopes of spreading the light of Jesus throughout the community. We were pleasantly surprised…not only were there people who were willing to open up to a group of 14 year olds about their struggles but we even had a family offer us prayer. It was such an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to go to MEI where we can see God working throughout our community daily.

The following school year was very meaningful for my walk with God. One of my friends was heading off to another school but we still really wanted to keep in touch. So what better way to stay close with friends and God but to have a weekly Bible Study? We would meet together regularly to read the Bible and talk about what God was doing in our lives. When Halloween rolled around, the friends that I was in a Bible Study with decided to get together and read our Bibles and then go out trick or treating…but we added our own little twist (something we had done with our class in grade 8). Before we left a house we decided to ask if they had any prayer requests or if we could pray for them. Of course there were the expected requests from the neighbors…good weather, a winning lottery ticket and many, many pleading requests that the Canucks would bring home the Stanley Cup. And then there were the serious ones when people would really open up and when I would marvel at how great God is and how good of Him to allow me to live in such a place and go to such a school where people are free to talk about Jesus Christ. If it weren’t for the teaching, experiences, and the friends I have made at MEI I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to walk up to people’s doors and pray for them.

Another great aspect of MEI is all of the wonderful opportunities that are offered to us. All through Elementary to High school I have been able to take part in so many wonderful events and programs and met so many great people in the process. I have had amazing experiences in public speaking, was able to march in several parades and play at many sports games as part of the marching band, I have sung in numerous concerts with accomplished choirs and been a part of three phenomenal plays and musicals put on by our drama department. I have also watched many talented friends play in countless successful volleyball and basketball games.

At MEI there is never a dull moment. Every day there are practices for sports teams, auditions for choirs, fundraisers and meetings for yearbook, missions, leadership and chapel.

During high school especially chapel quickly became the part of my day that I would look forward to…and not because it meant getting out of class, but because of the feeling I would get listening to a speaker or worshipping along with the rest of my peers; arms raised or heads bowed in prayer, God was there and I could feel Him. Feel Him encouraging me to let go of any insecurities weighing me down and be a light that shone for His glory. Chapels at MEI are what really pushed me to take that next step in my faith and get baptized. So I did…I got baptized on June 24th 2012 with friends and family by my side.

MEI has made a real difference in my life. I don’t know what my future holds and I don’t know where God will lead me…but I do know that I am looking forward to 3 more fabulous years at MEI…and I would recommend it to anyone!