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Janessa Galbraith


2011 Graduate
MEI Secondary School

“I don’t just feel happy, I feel rewarded; at MEI you can be a part of something so much greater than yourself if you allow Him to work.”

Hello everyone, my name is Jenessa Galbraith. When I was in grade 12 at MEI, I was the student council’s public relations representative.

Before I opened MEI Middle school’s front doors, the class lists for the grade eights were up, and were filled with people I’d never met. From kindergarten through to grade 7 I had been with the same peers, in the same classrooms, and the same teachers, at another school. I had enjoyed it, but there was still an aspect missing. All my closest peers had left, and I felt increasingly frustrated that the other students didn’t share my faith.

Then I entered the MEI doors. I’m not joking when I tell you that I found my best friends in the first two hours of being there. It was all so foreign to me. Lockers, devotions every morning, and most importantly a majority of the people I talked to shared my views on Christ and who He is. It was an exciting time, and I cannot explain to you the drastic change I felt in my life between grade seven and grade eight when it came to schools.

During one of our Thursday chapels in MEI Secondary, we had been singing worship songs and I suddenly had something in me I needed to share the next week. Through His word, worship, and confirmation in other ways, God laid it on my heart that we (as a student body) had not been talking to Him. I begun to read passages such as Matthew 6:5, and I felt God really speaking into my life that He wanted people to talk to Him, and be real with Him. Even if it meant yelling at Him, He could take it. He just was desperate for communication – He missed his children. As I was in the leadership, I asked others involved in chapel if I could speak along with a prayer group at the front for response. God had an encounter with the students at MEI like I had never seen before, and He really brought out what was blocking so many of us from being in relationship with Him. People recommitted their lives to Christ, and I had the opportunity to see a friend start a relationship with Jesus. Peers told their testimonies, prayers are becoming stronger, and leaders are rising up in the Word. God is breaking down barriers.

Our school has great academics, awesome athletics, an excellent band program – but He is the reason that MEI is different. Those who are willing to listen and be receptive to the Spirit are what make the school what it is. Having been a part of chapel has been a blessing, and I cannot help but be overjoyed because our student body doesn’t have to wait to be older to get serious about Christ. He is here now.

It has been the best decision of my life to come to MEI. I don’t just feel happy, I feel rewarded; at MEI you can be a part of something so much greater than yourself if you allow Him to work. Not only does He continue to change our future but He uses our past, and all for His glory.