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Jan Born


1976 Graduate
MEI Secondary School

In my early teen years, my parents were grain farmers in Dawson Creek, so every year Sept through May was spent up north in Dawson Creek and I attended a very public school!

Summers were in Abbotsford on the Raspberry farm from June to August.

Going back up north for school was something I did not look forward too.

George Falk, who was my uncle but only one year older than me, had such a great social life with the events at MEI and I wished so much that I could attend. At Christmas I’d hear about the Banquet and then of course there was the Basketball season and the well-respected MEI music and drama programs.

Then when I was 15, my parents sold the grain farm and bought a chicken farm in Abbotsford.

I was in Gr 10 and finally going to MEI!! I soaked it all up, great friends, lots of activities and yes, even good teachers!

By grade 11, I had a pretty good friendship with Ron Born and we began dating. Somehow in between gathering eggs and catching chickens on my brother’s crew, I managed to see most of Ron’s basketball and volley ball games!
In those days there weren’t too many students who missed home games, and the gym was a loud, fun place to be!!
The teams didn’t have huge rosters but they had some talent, huge hearts and good coaching, and this combination made for exciting competitive games most of those years in the 70’s.

Ron recalls in his Grade 12 year, their team of 7 made it to the triple A volleyball BCs…

So, in their mismatched uniforms, no warm-up jerseys, just some short shorts, they got 3rd.

Chapels were SO great and touched our hearts many times, individually and collectively as a student body.
One of the bands, who came, led by Alf Krause, really spoke to me and I made the decision to be baptized.
These were 70’s bands… the music was a little more rock but the teachers knew it was impacting students, and they were open minded. For some reason, I thought I really wanted Math 12 completed for graduation even though it was not a pre-requisite.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Leo Regher thought I, and some of my fellow students had bit off more than we were gifted to chew and he offered to take his lunch in his classroom for those who needed extra help processing some of the equations. Or as was the case for me, ALL of the equations! So… many of us students benefited from his thoughtfulness. I don’t think I should go into any details of the pranks that my husband was a part of, although, he’ll say he was mostly just “there, observing” but I will say this; English class… doesn’t usually involve firecrackers… Poor Mr. Jacob Toews!! Appropriate action had to be taken, and I’m pretty sure those guys all stuck together and everyone took the detention, no matter the roll you played in it. The teachers had their hands full, even back in the 70’s.

Studying Romans may not have been on our list of favorite things to do as 16 and 17 yr. olds, but over the years it is certainly something we learned to appreciate. Mr. Les Klassen’s passion and understanding of the Boo of Romans engrained the truths of God’s word and His promises in our hearts.

We were SOO grateful to have been able to send our children to MEI and know that their lives have been touched for life and forever. As they went through ups as downs in those teen years, they had such good support in teachers and counselors. It was great to watch them grow spiritually and also enjoy good friends, good music and sports activities like Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Golf.

A high light was 1999, the year our daughters team won the Triple A, BC Basketball Championship.

Thank YOU for supporting MEI, and thank you to the teachers who are not only teaching the curriculum but are also on the front lines with all our children and grandchildren every day, inspiring them to be Jesus hands and feet at home and around the world. Thank you to the board and administrative staff for following the vision God has given you and for your many hours in meetings :).

This school is truly a Legacy for all of us!