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Graham Krahn


2005 Graduate
Master’s Degree in Physics – University of California

I graduated from MEI in 2005, after attending since the fifth grade. My overall experience was positive; the students were very friendly and the teachers were always encouraging. What makes MEI unique is that it couples together a solid education with a Christian worldview. I cannot overemphasize the importance of Christ-centered learning in school, where students begin to form beliefs and values that will shape the rest of their lives.

At MEI, I always felt encouraged to learn and ask questions. I came to develop a strong interest in physics after taking it with Mr. Galbraith in grade eleven. I became increasingly fascinated by the rational intelligibility of the universe. In my mind, the existence of a well-structured universe governed by physical law points unmistakably to God as the ultimate Designer and Creator of the cosmos.

After my experience at MEI, I was inspired to pursue post-secondary education in science. After two years of study at UCFV (now UFV), I was awarded the Governor General’s Academic Medal for the highest GPA of any second year student, and then transferred to UBC to complete a B.Sc. in Physics in 2009. Upon graduation, I was awarded a full-ride scholarship at the University of California, Riverside. In 2011, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Physics. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. at UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara. As I reflect back on my experience at MEI, where I developed a strong work ethic and learned the importance of following Christ, I am grateful to all the teachers who helped equip me to accomplish my goals.