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Grade 12 Student
MEI Secondary School

“I need to recognize that I have so much and others have so little. It is a life perspective I have gained while at MEI and I am sure glad I did. ”

Ever since I was in kindergarten at MEI Elementary, I have heard about Heart 2 Heart. All through elementary school my classes would sponsor and pray for different kids from Heart 2 Heart in Haiti. I felt like I almost knew kids like Eliou and Junior because we would write letters, send packages, and get pictures from them. So when my family asked the kids to pray about where we should go on a mission trip this past summer, my siblings and I all felt like God was opening a door to go visit Heart 2 Heart.

It was incredible to meet the kids that we, with our school, had supported since I was in kindergarten! I had run laps of the track, shaved the legs of my teacher, had lemonade stands, and done extra chores each year to help raise money for Heart to Heart, and now I was able to see just where that money was going and how it was having such a positive impact on their lives. It was hard to believe but I was actually able to meet and hold Eliou, and I played soccer and built rockets with Junior. It brought me so much joy and excitement to actually be physically playing with them. Their smiles and laughter told me they were enjoying me being there as well.

Another thing that amazed me was that one year MEI raised $35,000 for a cement pad for the kids to use as a sports area. I didn’t really know what this would look like but when we got there I saw that it was the most well used part of the orphanage play area. It was used all day and every day for mainly soccer, but also basketball and other games. It was also the main sleeping area for the orphanage for 8 months after the earthquake because the kids were too afraid to go back inside with all the aftershocks. I learned that God could use our little service projects in Abbotsford to make a major difference thousands of miles away.

One final way that I felt God used me was when we took about 70 of the kids to the beach for the day. These kids live 15 minutes from the beach but only can go when a team comes to the orphanage. They can’t swim but they love to go in the water. The joy on their faces was amazing as we splashed and had fun in the water for hours. I loved walking hand in hand with the kids or when the little ones would fall asleep in my arms. The kids there are very special. God has taught me so much about helping others even if it means sacrificing time for other things. I also got taught that I don’t need extra things like iPod touches, the newest fashions, or always needing more. I need to recognize that I have so much and others have so little. It’s a life perspective I have gained while at MEI and I’m sure glad I did.