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Christine Dyck


2016 Graduate
MEI Secondary School

“MEI has been a great place for stretching me academically. The teachers have always cared about my education and they challenge me mentally and spiritually.”

My name is Christine and I graduated from MEI Secondary in 2016. I have attended MEI since Kindergarten. MEI has been a great place for stretching me academically. The teachers have always cared about my education and they challenge me mentally and spiritually. The entire school environment has given me the perspective that my education is for the purpose of honoring the gifts God has given me as opposed to merely meeting curriculum outcomes. The education is excellent, but is framed with a focus on eternal values.

I became a Christian because of a thought provoking chapel speaker that convicted me of my need for Christ. I appreciate that the teachers encourage us to have a faith of our own. Being an MEI student for so long, I catch myself becoming numb to the calling of being significantly changed in Christ. As a strong-willed person, I have matured each year because of the influence of my peers and my teachers. Frankly, it’s hard to stand out as a Christian in a Christian environment. Recently, a group of my peers have decided that we want to go deeper and keep each other accountable about matters of living out our faith authentically.

My teachers have had a profound influence on me. My Grade 5 teacher orchestrated a classroom environment where the least likely people became close friends. She sat me beside a rambunctious, intimidating ADD football player who ended up helping me laugh and enjoy the year. I was able to help him get organized and we ended up being good friends. By the end of the year, our class was able to articulate something we appreciated about each person in the class. Entering Middle School, this gave us confidence and sincere friendships with all kinds of people.

Middle School is about growth. As a developing teen, there were many seemingly huge issues I had to work through. I have so much respect for teachers who choose to work with students of that age and help them mature. One teacher in particular was an amazing example of finding joy in all situations. He has so many to reasons to be bitter and angry, and yet he is the most positive and selfless encourager I know.

Secondary School is a where many of us start to find our individuality. One teacher that really understands that journey is my English teacher. He embraces current culture, relates to us, challenges and enables us to compare, contrast and analyze our culture so that we can integrate our faith in pop culture. He teaches us how to appreciate film, books and music and is not afraid to openly discuss the dominating secular worldview present within these mediums.

Last year I had a teacher who cared so deeply about our lives (inside and outside of school). He came in on his own time to help my class and other classes study for exams. He noticed when we were stressed and asked us about it. He made the class exciting and was very creative in the way he taught us. We were always engaged through videos, class demonstrations and other inventive teaching methods. He loved what he was teaching and that enthusiasm was infectious.

MEI has equipped me for life and forever by giving me tools to work hard, seeing the greater picture and finding ways to use my gifts for the glory of God. Opportunities like music, sports, and mission’s trips are all instrumental in helping us discover what we are really good at.

I love to learn and I’m planning to pursue post-secondary education largely because of my teachers’ encouragement and the high academic standard at MEI. I am hoping to take a science degree.

Many people ask me what are my plans. This is a scary and exciting reminder that adulthood is approaching and although I cannot write my own future, I know that the skills that I have learned at MEI will help me fulfill my dreams and reach my career objectives. And more importantly, I have developed a foundation that will help me stay strong in my faith no matter where I end up.