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Grade 9 Student
MEI Secondary School

Hi, my name is Cassidy, and I am in Grade 9. MEI has been my second home since kindergarten, and has played such an important role in my life. Things like caring teachers, engaging curriculum, and a variety of extra-curricular activities have made me look forward to coming to school every morning.

The education at MEI is absolutely outstanding. Curriculum is taught in a way that engages students. The teachers make sure that everyone understands the lesson, and if you would like more help, opportunities are given to have someone work one-on-one or in a small group with you during class-time.

Teachers and staff at MEI genuinely deeply care for you. They want to see you learn and grow to become more educated, but more importantly, learn and grow in your faith, and teach you to walk with God. So far, I am really enjoying Grade 8 bible classes. Right now we are focusing on culture and worldview – mainly how the media, and our culture influence us, talking about what kinds of messages they are sending us, and determining whether those messages are Godly. I like how we aren’t just learning bible stories, or memorizing verses, but learning how to apply what the bible says to 0ur own life. The teachers connect with you personally, and meet your specific needs in your schoolwork, and in your spiritual journey.

There is an abundance of different opportunities at MEI. It varies from things like Cross Country, to Robotics Club, to a Prayer Group at lunch. The school musical last year was by far the absolute highlight of my school years. Those five months of practices, rehearsals, and shows, shaped who I am today. I made relationships with fellow actors, backstage and technical crew, and the directors and producers. I gained acting and singing skills, and got more confidence by being on-stage. I also developed leadership, responsibility, and teamwork skills.

I was also given another very exciting opportunity last year – to do all of my schoolwork on a Microsoft Surface, and use a system called Schoology to see, keep track of, and hand in our assignments. The program has been really fantastic, and it taught me a lot about how to use technology, but also how to be a good digital citizen. Technology is advancing every day, and I thought it was great that MEI wasn’t ignoring it, but embracing it and teaching us how to use it appropriately.

To me, MEI means a community of loving, supportive people. It’s a place that I can talk openly and freely about my opinions, ideas, and dreams. Where so many opportunities are given to do things you never thought you could do. A place where academics are fundamental, but God is priority. I feel honoured to be called a MEI eagle, and look forward to the rest of my years here.