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Brayden Koslowsky


2009 Graduate
International Studies – Trinity Western University

MEI is a special community in many ways. Here I have had the opportunity to be involved not only in academics but in basketball, choir, missions trips, and leadership. In each of these experiences there have been teachers, fellow students, and staff that have come alongside of me and encouraged me to make an impact and do something big. And to make an impact not only on the school itself but to reach beyond the school into the community, and then beyond the community into other countries around the world. And to basically use the gifts and blessings that we have been given here as a school as students, as teachers to go beyond ourselves and do something bigger.

One of the experiences that really shaped me at MEI was a missions trip and the uniqueness of MEI service learning programs is amazing and it takes learning beyond the classroom. It takes you to countries around the world. It makes you a student not only of math and English – it makes you a student of other cultures. It takes you out of your context and puts you somewhere else so that you can begin to see how other people live – other ways to worship God – other ways of finding happiness and joy in life. Then you can begin to reflect on how you have been brought up and how you have been taught and you can begin to think in new ways and see new things. And that is something really amazing and special about MEI.

And that has led me to where I am now. All these opportunities at MEI in terms of serving, and leading, and being encouraged to excel have led me to university and I feel that MEI equipped me excellently for post-secondary education. I feel that MEI has equipped me with leadership skills, with academic skills, with study skills that have allowed me to go on to Trinity University and do well there and to make an impact there as well. Currently I am studying international studies. I am focusing on global affairs and international policy. I am in my second year at Trinity and about to apply for entry into the honors program. I have really enjoyed studying the world and seeing how different nations interact and seeing how we as Canadians can go beyond ourselves and touch other people around the world. What we have here is a nation of privilege.

Also at Trinity I have been encouraged to be a leader there at well. I am a resident assistant in the dorms. My experiences at MEI on student council and leadership classes have equipped me with to be interpersonally able to deal with issues at Trinity in terms of dealing with struggles in the dorms, helping guys to go through every day and reminding them that this is the day when you could help affect another person’s life.

In the future I will spend a few more years at Trinity. I am not preparing for a certain career. I am figuring out the best way to live my life, I am trying to understand how it is that I can go about my life and use the talents that I’ve been given by God in the best way possible.

What MEI has showed me is that whatever I do, I want to do something that I am passionate about something that will allow me to help other people, something that will challenge me, something that will be pleasing to God.

The foundation for that was all laid in my thirteen years at MEI.