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Grade 7 Student
MEI Middle School

“MEI has really influenced me this year with my teachers encouraging me to do my best and they always listen to me and understand my heart.”

Hi my name is Abby. I have been attending MEI since kindergarten. At MEI I am privileged to be part of the S.A.L.T team. Salt stands for “Student Active Leadership Team”. We participate in fundraising for Haiti, gather food for the food bank, and collect supplies for the Cyrus Center. Being part of this leadership team is a lot of fun! We work together to help people in our community as well as in our school. MEI has really influenced me this year with my teachers encouraging me to do my best and they always listen to me and understand my heart. This year being a part of student council has really opened my eyes to the needs of the community and what I can do to help. I feel so blessed to go to a school like MEI and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

One of my favourite parts of life at MEI Elementary is being a part of the Heart 2 Heart fundraiser each year. For a month we focus on doing all kinds of work around our homes and community to raise money to support the kids at the Heart 2 Heart School and Orphanage. I have had lemonade stands and washed cars to help raise money. I have also prayed for a different student from Haiti every year in my classes. So when my family asked us where my brother, sister and I thought we would like to go in the world to serve, to us it was obvious … Haiti of course!

My experience in Haiti this past summer was amazing and eye opening! Just seeing the kids smile, you knew you were making a difference. We met a lot of new friends and got to play with them, hold them, and carry the younger kids around. We did crafts, and played a lot of games and even took them swimming — even though none of the kids knew how to swim. We took the kids to the beach for the day. Seeing their joy and smiles was so cool.

One morning I was not feeling good but it did not last long. In the afternoon when we were at the beach and I got stung by a sea urchin, that really hurt! I was quite scared but thankfully the local people were so kind and helped get the spine out. Even as I was crying on the beach I knew that God was with me.

One of the most amazing things about the kids in Haiti is how much joy they have. Their faces would light up when they saw you and they always wanted to play. Church in Haiti is incredible! They are so devoted to God and their church services are 5 hours long! I loved listening to the singing and watching the people praise God. You could feel God’s presence there for sure.

I am very thankful to have been inspired to go to Haiti while at MEI Elementary. I would recommend a trip to Haiti for everyone, big or small, because everyone can make a difference.