October 31, 2019

Fresh Independence Productions presents “Selfless” at Transform Central (2413 McCallum Rd. Abbotsford) on Saturday, November 30th (7:00 PM).

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The documentary opens the conversation about the ever growing epidemic with selfies, social media and technology by asking – What are we reaching for?’

Filming of the new documentary Selfless began two years ago in southwest England. Many of our MEI alums are involved, including local filmmakers Kim Laureen (Director, Class of 1978) and her daughter Meg Dirksen (Producer, Class of 2008). Meg’s brother Nicolas Dirksen (Class of 2006) is a composer for Film and Television, and he composed the instrumental music for the film. Sophie Dirksen (Class of 2018)  participates as a subject in the film for the classroom discussion component. Meg’s father Mark Dirksen (Class of 1978) is an investor in the film. / Submitted Photo

s e l f l e s s – Official Trailer from Fresh Independence on Vimeo.

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Tickets $15 each, available at the door, or via Eventbrite.

This is not an anti-technology film, but rather a reflection about our devices and how we can help our kids to grow strong and healthy in this new age.

In earliest days of storyboarding we asked one another – ‘If a girl lived in the forest – no mirrors, magazines or social media – What would beautiful look like to her and how would she see herself?’ Then sweet Kuki found us and off the grid to the hills of South West England we went where our story began.

A journey full – with unique subjects from UK – Canada – USA – offering messages that inspire all to become more present in the moment because ‘Life is precious, don’t miss it.’

Selfless introduces hearts to #RaiseTheBar – an initiative born from our discussions with teens in the film.

Message From the Filmmakers

“As first time film makers we were unable to attain funding and that should of been enough to stop this project in its tracks. Instead we literally willed it into existence on passion and milk money. We cashed in the air miles I used to buy milk for my kids and that got us to all the destinations we needed for filming. In turn that which nourished my children also fed this story. Today we understand this was our greatest blessing for it allowed the concept to grow purely and organically without sticky fingers on it.”

We’ve earned solid reviews from HBO Documentaries – Participant Media and the interest of Fathom Events – Collide – Circle Disney, Youth Unlimited, and Focus on the Family.

Screenings are making their way through schools and youth groups across the province  and we are looking to move it across Canada. Parents have been reaching out with tears in their eyes to thank us for this film – for the way it makes them feel and the value it instills for families.

We are a mom/daughter team and are different film makers than we were 18 months ago. We learned as we were growing and made mistakes along the way. Some of those were hard to look at once up on the editing board – but we’ve come to embrace that selfless is a film that is imperfectly perfect much like life itself. We want kids to know they don’t need to put a filter on life. We are who we are – our life is what it is and we must bring the best parts of ourselves to the story.

We are seeking interest to run a feature on our project and the upcoming family event at Clarke Foundation Theatre”

Professional panel discussion to follow

Director- Kim Laureen

Family Therapist- Dr. Dave Currie

Physiotherapist – Greg Bay

World Music Program- Paige Freeborn

Recent Press

“Selfless” producers were on CBC Radio a couple weeks ago and had a warm reception from listeners.

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