November 6, 2018

My name is Adam Smith and I was recently hired as the new Worship Leadership teacher at MEI Secondary! For those who may not know, I have been a professional musician for the ma­jority of my post-secondary years and some of my earliest musical experiences occurred during my time on the MEI Chapel Team! It is therefore quite exciting and nostalgic to be back, walking in the locker-lined hallways of the secondary school.

While I was working to establish my music career in my early twenties, my Christian faith came under attack. With the influence of my co-workers and the lack of answers to the ques­tions I was asking, I succumbed to the weight of my doubt and became an atheist. I am thank­ful that God did not let me go for long. Through more research and reading, I came back to Christianity “kicking and screaming” as C.S. Lewis described, and rededicated my life to Him.

After this ‘Damascus Road’ experience, I wanted to take what I had learned from my years in the music industry and use it for God’s Kingdom. I began leading worship (on guitar) at various churches and events, and after much encouragement from several church leaders, I decided to go back to school at CBC. I was soon offered a job as a Wor­ship Director at Bear Creek Church in Surrey. After a year there, I was offered another Worship Director position at South Langley M.B., which is where I currently work half-time.

I count it a privilege to not only lead the worship ministry of a church but also to oversee the worship ministry of a High School! My goal for the chapel ministry at MEI is two­fold: firstly, to foster the growth of the next generation of worship leaders so that they will be amply prepared for any worship ministry God calls them to; and secondly, to cul­tivate a worship culture in the greater
student body that will overflow into our
greater community.

Submitted by Adam Smith, Secondary Worship Teacher and MEI Alumnus (2004)