March 6, 2020

Official Announcement
From the Office of Vijay Manuel, Head of MEI Schools
Regarding MEI International Missions Trips
Friday, March 6th, 2020

Due to the highly unpredictable nature of where and when COVID-19 hotspots will appear around the world and due also to the highly unpredictable nature of the local and federal response of foreign nations including possible quarantine and/or detention, all MEI International Missions Trips have been cancelled.

We are extremely disappointed that the vision and preparation done by our teams and their partners around the world won’t have the opportunity to come to fruition as planned. However, we trust and are unshaken in our belief that God is in control, that He is all-powerful and all-knowing, and that He is guiding us even within this decision. As a result, let us live with faith and not in fear in the midst of this current global situation.

Under the leadership of Mark Thiessen, our staff will work to finalize all details in regards to flight cancellations, coordination with host organizations, and communication with and care for our students and their families. Any specific questions from MEI staff, students, and families should be directed to the secondary school office. Any media inquiries should be directed to Vijay Manuel, Head of MEI Schools.

For Media Inquiries
Vijay Manuel, Head of MEI Schools
Phone: (604) 859-3700

2020 MEI Service Teams

Mexico (cancelled) | Hawaii (cancelled) | France  (cancelled) | Thailand-Cambodia  (cancelled)

BC First Nations  and Abbotsford / Mission teams are continuing as planned.

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Funds raised in excess of a student’s fundraising target will be kept by the team until all the team’s expenses are covered, at which time the donation may be given to another team or Service Learning Initiative.  ALL donations made to the MEI Service Learning Program are non-refundable.  Per CRA guidance “A registered charity cannot return a donor’s gift.  At law, a gift transfers ownership from the donor to the charity.  Once the transfer is made, the charity is obliged to use the gift in carrying out its charitable purposes.”

Previously Posted

Team Mexico

Co-led by Brad Knodel and Nancy Marazzi along with other MEI volleyball coaches & MEI alumni, this team will be spending the first week of Spring Break serving at Casa de Luz in Primo Tapia, Mexico.  This opportunity is available only for current players on one of the MEI Secondary boys’ or girls’ volleyball teams.
(Anticipated fundraising target: $1400)

Team Hawaii

Co-led by Myra Wieler, Melanie Penninga and Grant Wardle, this team will be spending the first week of Spring Break in Lihue, Kauai serving alongside David & Carly Iwai and the Aloha Church in their local community.
(Anticipated fundraising target: $2000)

Team France

Co-led by Vanessa Drew and Christian Girard, this team will be spending approximately 12 days of Spring Break serving at the Jacques Lefevre Institute in Franceville on the Normandy Coast.
(Anticipated fundraising target: $3200)

Team Thailand-Cambodia

Co-led by Marci and Geoff Dirks, this team will be spending approximately 12 days of Spring Break serving alongside Ricky & Karen Sanchez and other Thai and Cambodian church pastors at the Abundant Life Home and local churches in Chonburi, Thailand and Poipet, Cambodia.
(Anticipated fundraising target: $2800)

Team BC First Nations

Co-led by Marc and Hilary Bergen, this team will be spending the first week of Spring Break working with and in a BC First Nations community. The exact community has not yet been selected.
(Anticipated fundraising target: $500-$1000)

Team Abbotsford / Mission

Co-led by Grant Brittain, Monika Peters, Josh Boldt, Jamie Tinsley, and Zachary Ellsworth, this team will spend five days during the first week of Spring Break rotating between five local organizations (eg. MCC, Abbotsford Bank, Punjabi ministry, etc.) right here in our own neighbourhoods. It is anticipated that student and leaders will be staying nights at local accommodations and will be “away from home” for at least five nights.
(Anticipated fundraising target: under $500)