June 15, 2018

Join us on Friday, June 15 (4:00 p.m.) for the annual Grad Parade at MEI Secondary. Grad parade vehicles are to meet in the lower parking lot by the tennis courts.  Spectators may assemble in front of the Secondary School. Be here to see all the beautiful gowns, fancy cars (and other creative vehicles), and the very best smiles from this year’s graduating class.

Mr. Cooper’s Retirement

Mr. Cooper with MEI Class of 2017 Grads at the 2017 Grad Parade

Mr. Cooper began his employment as a custodian at MEI Schools in 1990, and quickly became well loved by students for his steady, reassuring presence, his cheer, and for the inexplicable way that he always seems to know each student by name.

We chatted with Mrs. Cooper to find out more about this special ability of his, and were touched to learn that Mr. Cooper has spent his summers studying yearbooks in preparation for each coming school year, in order to make sure that each student will feel valued and known. We are so grateful for Mr. Cooper’s contribution to our school culture for the past 28 years of his employment here.

For many years now Mr. Cooper has been given the esteemed role of honorary attendant / greeter at the annual grad parade, and this year is no exception. MEI alumni and friends of MEI — come on out to this year’s grad parade and say “hi” to Mr. Cooper (who is retiring this year) and use this opportunity to thank him for his quiet influence and care for students over the years. If you were a student here, chances are, he’ll still remember your name!