In order to eliminate the need to line up overnight at MEI prior to applying, MEI has instituted an electronic line up.

APPLY NOW   The pre-application form will be available starting Monday, January 6th, at 7:00pm.

The following guidelines will be used for the application process:

  • Complete the Pre-Application Form, listing your child(ren’s) names and the preschool classes / grades
    into which they will be going.
  • Submit this form between 7:00pm Monday January 6th and 8:00am on Tuesday, January 7th.
  • You will receive a response indicating that your pre-application has been received.
  • The time at which you submit your form determines the order of application for your child(ren).
  • Families who pre-apply in this way must then bring their application forms to any school along with
    payment of the application fees no later than Monday, January 13th, 4:00pm
  • Remember: The time at which you submit your pre-application form determines your
    application number – there is no rush to drop off the application forms. But, we recommend
    that you bring the completed package in by Thursday, January 9th, so
    that we can ensure it is complete.


  • Applications will be accepted at the Secondary, Middle or Elementary Schools after 8:00am Tuesday
    morning and before Monday, January 13th at 4:00pm
  • You may complete all information for your entire family at any one school and pay application fees with one cheque or with
    cash. Credit and debit card options are not available.

NOTE – if you are also applying for the MEI Hockey Academy, you must submit a Hockey Academy Application form by January 13th. Please see the Hockey Academy tab on MEI’s Home Page.