January 26, 2021

Dear MEI Alumni,

The 2021 Grad-Parents committee would like to see our Grade 12 students give back to their community in a way that taps into the servant heart that we want to see in our graduates. You can help us with this by replying with service opportunities.

On February 19, 2021, we would like to load up our grads on buses and send them into the community to serve. This service can look like digging up a drainage pipe and replacing it, like removing deadfall from the winter that hasn’t been snowy enough, like trimming hedges (with some guidance), and like cleaning out gutters. If there’s a job that you have to do and you’ve thought, “I wish I had some energetic 17- and 18-year-olds to help me with this,” we can provide some of those for you.

We are hoping to organize a two-hour service opportunity for all of our grads. We would send teams of five to ten students to various service sites and have them work. They will arrive in masks and will keep at a safe social distance and follow all school COVID-19 protocols while on site. We’ll provide the transportation to and from the site, and serve the students lunch afterward back at the school. If the job is indoors, it would be best if it were in a big space that is well-ventilated (barn, storage shed, etc.) and not in tight quarters.

If you can provide an opportunity for our 2021 grads to serve on February 19, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for your consideration and attention. Please direct inquiries related to your request to: 

Marc Bergen
Vice Principal
MEI Secondary School