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MEI Secondary Theatre

The MEI theatre department consists of Performance, Acting and Drama classes, as well as dramatic and musical productions on an annual basis. You can find information on this page regarding this year’s production (when it is announced), and you can learn a little about our Theatre Department classes below.

Past Productions

MEI has had a rich history of dramatic and musical productions starting prior to building their first building way back in 1946. The productions are separate extra-curricular activities that thrive from the training in our music and acting classes. Today, we have productions running at both the Secondary and Middle School campus. Browse through a link of all the productions since the 1945-46 school year, right up to the present. We’d love to see you at this year’s production. Information will appear on this page as shows are announced, when the dates of the production take place, and when tickets are on sale. Productions usually are announced near the beginning of each school year, and most recently has had the shows running in mid-May..

Theatre and Drama classes at MEI Secondary

MEI Secondary has grade level classes available to students within the timetable. These Acting classes are geared more towards performance and start out with an ‘introductory’ skill based class in Grade 9, through to the advanced Theatre Performance in Grades 11 and 12. While these classes are not a pre-requisite to performing in the extra-curricular productions, they certainly give an advantage to those wanting to audition for them. Here is a brief introduction to each grade level.

Music-Drama 9

This 2 credit introductory course is for those especially interested in music and/or drama. This course is designed to have students learn to work as a team, focusing on drama and music skills as a means of communication and understanding. Students will learn how to appreciate music by listening to and analyzing all styles of music, and watching videos of Broadway musicals. Students will be encouraged to bring their own CDs for class analysis. Students will be introduced to the basics of drama and music theories and drills. Students will be applying their knowledge and skills in short drama presentations including improvisation, creative movement, monologues and skits.

Drama 10

This 2 credit class is designed for drama enthusiasts. The course covers the many facets of the dramatic arts, including characterization and role playing, blocking, creative movement, choreography, makeup, stage craft, sound effects and stage lighting. The main emphasis will be on mime and improvisation.

Acting 11/12

This course is designed to give students a reasonable level of competency in all essential components of Acting. Students will enhance their theatre skills including but not limited to: mime, improvisation, monologues, choreography, blocking, lighting, make-up, sound effects as well as filming techniques. This full 4 credit course requires one of the previous drama classes or an audition with the teacher as a pre-requisite.