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Middle School Bands

Band 6

Middle School Band is where students start their instrumental journey at MEI. Band 6 involves an introduction to a trio of instruments that students have the option of choosing to learn over the course of their first year of study.

Band 7

In Band 7, they choose an instrument from the options they had the previous year and hone their skills on the instrument, and perfect their skills.

Band 8

As they progress in their journey, they continue to hone their skills to perfection with their instrument of choice.

Middle Marching Band

Middle School band members can join the Middle Marching band to practice the skills necessary for the Victoria day parade that they perform at.

Middle Drumline

The Middle Drumline offers students the opportunity to learn the different kinds of drums, such as snare, bass and tenors.

Secondary School Bands

Band 9

Band 9 introduces the same outline as the middle, but they learn more about band and more intensive scale work.

Concert Band

The Mennonite Educational Institute Concert Band is comprised of students from grades 10-12. It is MEI’s premier instrumental ensemble dedicated to educating students through the performance of top quality band literature.

Razz Band

Razzberry Jam is MEI’s Senior Jazz Band and award winning performing jazz ensemble. This band participates in several festivals and performs at a variety of venues and concerts throughout the year.

Screaming Eagles Marching Band

The ‘Screaming’ Eagles Marching Band is comprised of 90 members from grades 9-12 and specializes in providing high energy at athletic venues throughout the lower mainland.

Secondary Drumline

Our students take this extra curricular activity to further their skills in the music department, and performances by our drumline have become well known for performing at events such as the Grey Cup.