All current grade 9 to 11 MEI Secondary students will receive course planning information from our counsellors during class time between Jan 31st – Feb 16th, 2022.

Course Planning Information Sessions

Current Grade 11’s – Period 3 classes (January 31st – Feb 7th)
Current Grade 10’s – Period 4 classes (January 31st – Feb 7th)
Current Grade 9’s – Period 3 classes (Feb 8th – 16th)

At that time, students will also receive a course selection information sheet to bring home to discuss course planning and course selection with their parents/guardians. This information sheet does not need to be returned to the school.

Students will enter their course requests during class time in one of our computer labs using the myEducation BC portal under the supervision and guidance of School Counsellors between Feb 17th – March 11th. Previous student passwords for MyEd have been disabled. A new individual Login ID and password to access the portal will be provided to each student by our School Counsellors.

Course Selection Sessions

Current Grade 11’s – Period 3 classes (Feb 17th – March 1st)
Current Grade 10’s – Period 4 classes (Feb 17th – March 1st)
Current Grade 9’s – Period 4 classes (March 2nd – March 11th)

To assist students and parents in this process the following information is available on the MEI Website
• Grade 9 to 12 Course Selection Information sheets
• 2022-2023 MEI Secondary Course Calendar
• links to the online Application Forms
• Course Planning Information

Students need not worry if they are absent from school or if other students appear to be selecting courses ahead of them. At the end of the course selection process, we will compile all requests and begin to create a school timetable for next year. Due to the complications of scheduling 630 students, we cannot guarantee that every student will receive all of their first choices for courses. We will do our very best.

If you are absent, please refer to the course planning information on the MEI Website and contact a School Counsellor to receive your Login ID and password for MyEd.

Completed Application forms for designated courses must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM on Friday March 11th, 2022.

IMPORTANT: The portal will be open for course selection entry until Friday March 11th, 2022 at 4:00 PM. If you need help navigating through the portal for changing or updating course requests, please review the following INSTRUCTIONS. Students/parents need to use the provided login ID and their most recent updated password that was provided by School Counsellors Feb 17th – March 11th. Any course request changes after March 11th must be done through an MEI secondary counsellor.

Application Forms

Advanced PE 11 and 12
Apex Student Leadership 9
Apex Student Leadership 10, 11 and 12
Computational Thinking 12
e-Career Life Education
Marketing Promotion 11
Marketing Retailing 12
MEI Hockey Academy
Outdoor Recreation 11, 12
Peer Tutoring 11 and 12
Renaissance Singers 9, 10
Worship Leadership 9, 10, 11 and 12
Yearbook 10, 11 and 12

Course Permission Form

Course Permission Form