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Membership in the Eagles Athletics Committee is open to any parents, alumni, or people who want to support the MEI Athletics Program in a positive way. MEI is encouraging involement from parents of athletes. MEI is looking for parent representatives for each team in the MEI athletics program.

MEI will be hosting some exciting events in the next few months and the EAC will be looking for gifted people to help organize and run these events. MEI will be hosting the Senior girls Basketball Fraser Valleys as well as the Grade 9 Basketball Invitational Provincial tournament. If you would like to be part of these committees please contact the athletic director at


The purpose for establishing such a committee is to:

• Provide organizational support for coaches
• Organize tournaments, schedules, trips, rides, etc.
• Tap into the talents, energy, and contacts of our parent community for the benefit of the athletic program
• Provide parents with an avenue to directly impact our athletics program
• Elevate what is already an excellent program
• Take the burden off coaches so they can focus all their energies on the players themselves


The Eagles Athletics Committee will perform tasks related to:

• Publicity, concessions, communications, programming, achievement recognition and similar duties
• Fundraising
• The direct support of all the sports MEI is engaged in
• Establishing relationships with outside individuals and businesses interested in supporting MEI Athletics

Needs for this year

Do you have a passion for athletics? The athletics department is looking for interested people to be involved in supporting the athletics program in a variety of ways. The athletics department is looking for team representatives to the EAC as well as others who may be interested in video recording games, advance scouting, etc. If you are interested please let the athletics director know via email at

The school is encouraging all parents, students, and alumni to learn the MEI School Song.

Here are the lyrics:

We stand tall and proud as we uphold
The tradition of the blue, white, and gold
The song resounding can be heard near and far
From the hearts of who we are.
We are the Eagles now watch us SCORE as we SOAR onto victory WE WILL FLY
We are the Eagles of the Institute WOOT, WOOT
We are the Eagles of M……E……I

Listen to the MEI School Song Here