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In support of our greater mission, MEI Middle School is committed to developing and equipping Christian servant leaders who are active and compassionate participants in the communities they serve. In the classroom, we emphasize the importance of accepting and serving fellow students, while community-based outreach initiatives help students develop essential discipleship characteristics.

We believe students are never too young to positively impact others. Grade 6 students are encouraged to serve within our school community. Part of the Grade 6 Exploratory Program is a Character module where students learn what it means to be an MEI Eagle.

Grade 7 students participate in a course in which they serve the community by working with organizations such as the Salvation Army, Tabor Home, MCC, Real Canadian Super Store and SPCA.

In Grade 8, students can continue to serve in the Exploratory program, where they will have the pleasure of interacting with the residents of Tabor Home weekly. Grade 8s can also take Leadership 8 which furthers competency development in the area of character, service and leadership. Students are given the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned and to gain valuable leadership experience through coordinating school-based events and serving as school ambassadors.


As Christians, we believe that we have tremendous hope, peace and Truth to share. We emphasize the importance of relationship. We are a missions-minded school and encourage our students to extend themselves sacrificially to those around them. We participate in a number of local service opportunities and partner with our Secondary missions program as we seek to impact the world.


On Fridays, our school gathers as a community to worship, pray and listen to the Lord through speakers, teachers and peers who share what God lays on their hearts. We systematically acknowledge each student in our school during the year as we believe God has created each uniquely and we are appreciative of the way he weaves us into the MEI community together.

Worship Team

We have a discipleship component to our chapels and students are encouraged to step out in leadership in this area as well. Student worship leaders are mentored by a teacher and increasingly take on chapel leadership responsibilities as the year progresses.