About Us

MEI Middle provides a high quality Christian education in response to the characteristics, interests, needs and abilities unique to students 10-14 years of age. Middle Schools gradually prepare students to transition into High School in a more intimate, less fragmented learning environment.

Both teachers and students are divided into teams and collaboration forms a significant part of the Middle School philosophy. Students will be cared for by their home-based teacher and will begin to receive instruction from a number of teachers as they progress throughout the Middle years. Middle Schools focus on helping students satisfy their need for close relationships with their peers and teachers while moving toward greater independence.

MEI Middle School is a place where students are challenged to make their faith come alive! We provide a faith-based curriculum, where students are encouraged to explore their questions about faith and to tackle tough life issues with a Christian worldview. Students attend a weekly chapel, take Bible classes and our Christian worldview is integrated across the curriculum. The heart of our school is TEAM. Each grade forms a Team in our school, and is led by a teacher leader. Teachers on each team meet weekly to discuss student progress, needs and curriculum. Each student is assigned a Homeform teacher who meets with his/her students each morning for Advisory and provides instruction in some curricular areas. Teachers are paired into teaching partnerships and work together to provide optimum delivery of our curriculum. Our school is built around a large Multi-purpose room that serves not only as our Fines Arts facility but provides a place for Grade level teams and our student body to meet together. Every staff member at MEI Middle is committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ. Our staff is founded on a covenant of being rooted in love and truth, serving one another in love, and speaking the truth in love.