Who We Are

MEI is committed to providing students from preschool to grade 12 with a holistic educational experience, which is why MEI is an excellent choice for elementary, middle and high school education.

Tradition of Academic Excellence

Since 1944, MEI has been providing students with a high quality, faith-based education, establishing a tradition of excellence that is manifested in MEI students consistently scoring above the provincial average on all academic assessments. We remain committed to offering a premiere educational program and to creating a rich supportive environment by keeping our facilities current, by staying on the cutting edge of technology and by continuously developing a vibrant curriculum.

Christian Foundation

Bible classes, chapel services, small group studies and daily devotional and prayer times help students gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and learn what it means to be in relationship with Christ. Service excursions open students’ eyes to relevant social issues, elicit compassion and empathy and help shape their vision to serve and influence others. The insights drawn from these enriching experiences are essential in building a foundation for an impactful life of ministry and service.

Safe Environment

We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where students feel safe and comfortable to explore questions about faith and society’s issues. At MEI, each student is valued, and our goal is to ensure that the unique needs of each child are met as they are challenged to reach their God-given potential. Part of the MEI experience involves belonging to an authentic and vibrant community where students from all races, cultures and backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to get involved.

Character & Values

At MEI, Christ-centred values form the foundation of everything we do. In both curricular and extracurricular settings, students are not only taught the importance of upholding high standards of character and behaviour, they’re also held accountable for them. It’s through this approach that students learn to take responsibility for their behaviour and develop the integrity and principles that will guide them to success in all facets of life.

Post-Secondary Preparation

MEI strives to prepare students for the transition into university and post-high school life. Core academic disciplines and a diverse selection of electives are taught through the lens of Christian principles with a focus on real world issues and themes. MEI follows an education model which remains consistent from elementary through high school to foster an enhanced and holistic continuum of learning. Through this approach, students develop the essential skills, knowledge and character to become influential leaders and compassionate members of society.