Upcoming School Tours

All of the scheduled tours to accommodate registration for the 2019-2020 school year have been completed. We have very limited space in some grades. If you are interested in a private tour at any of the schools place contact Bev Gascon at bgascon@meischools.com

Here’s what others are saying about the MEI Schools Tours

“I came with all kinds of expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The event was so impressive and is an effective tool to build awareness. The stories were powerful and showcased the full dimension of what MEI is all about. It gave me the full dimension of MEI and left me with a very positive impression. Good job!” (Elementary School Tour)

“Great job! It is evident that MEI brings out the best in their students…body, soul, and spirit. I love that they are attentive to the whole person. Really enjoyed the student’s stories and the tour. Amazing!” (Middle School Tour)

“I was amazed at the arts program. MEI is much larger than I imagined. I found it very interesting and was really glad that I came. I love that the school is open to everybody and that the teachers are well qualified and passionate about their work. Well done!” (Secondary School Tour)