MEI Schools Staff

Head of Schools

V. Manuel

Mr. Vijay Manuel

MEI is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Vijay Manuel as its Head of Schools effective February 1st, 2016. Mr. Manuel is an MEI alumnus of the 1991 graduating class. Having served nearly 20 years in public schools as a teacher and administrator he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.
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M. Thiessen

Mr. Mark Thiessen

Secondary School
Mr. Thiessen is new to MEI after 21 years of teaching and leadership experience in School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin), most recently serving as Superintendent of Schools for the past four years. He and his wife, Tracey, have four children, three of whom attend MEI.

H. Smith

Ms. Heather Smith

Middle School
Ms. Smith has been at MEI for 23 years as a Secondary Teacher, Vice-principal and Principal. Her Masters degrees are in Educational Leadership/Technology and Counseling. She also completed a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

S. Burkinshaw

Mr. Shawn Burkinshaw

Elementary School
Mr. Burkinshaw is in his 19th year at MEI Elementary. Having started as a grade 2 teacher for six years, he has also taught grade 5 and PE. Mr. Burkinshaw is married with 2 daughters, one currently in grade 10 at MEI Secondary and the other pursuing studies at UFV after attending MEI K-12.


R. Thiessen

Mr. Rick Thiessen

Mr. Thiessen is an MEI grad of 1980 and started working at MEI Secondary in 1994. He began his teaching career in the Mission district but soon returned to his alma mater. Mr. Thiessen is married with 3 children and has 5 grandchildren, the oldest of which has started at MEI Elementary.

D. Weiss

Mr. Dean Weiss

Mr. Weiss has over 20 years of teaching experience in the public, private as well as international education systems. He has been teaching at MEI for 12 years and recently returned from serving overseas in Cambodia with his wife and 3 daughters.

S. LaForest

Mr. Sean LaForest

Coming Soon…

G. Wardle

Mr. Grant Wardle

Mr. Wardle has been in the teaching profession for 22 years. He spent 5 years as vice-principal of MEI Elementary, then 5 years as VP of the middle school, before moving to Taiwan for 2 years to teach at an International Missionary school.


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L. Bergen

Mrs. L. Bergen

Accounts Receivable

D. Engler

Mrs. D. Engler

Alumni Relations

B. Friesen

Mrs. B. Friesen

Payroll & Benefits

B. Gascon

Mrs. B. Gascon

Adv. Manager

R. Havinga

Mr. R. Havinga

IT Manager

T. Lewis

Mr. T. Lewis

IT Support

Mrs. A. Masse

Mrs. A. Masse

Facilities Coordinator

L. Pauls

Mrs. L. Pauls

Executive Assistant MEI Schools

M. Wieler

Mrs. M. Wieler

Finance Off. Manager

L. Wind

Mrs. L. Wind

Human Resources Manager

International Program

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B. Hansum

Ms. B. Hansum

Homestay Coordinator

K. Lynn

Mr. K. Lynn

International Director

N. Nickel

Mr. N. Nickel

Short Term Director

C. Zhao

Mr. C. Zhao

Assistant Coordinator

M. Cruikshanks

Mrs. M. Cruikshanks

ELL Teacher

Facilities, Grounds & Transportation Department

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B. Cooper

Mr. B. Cooper


J. Del Cid

Mr. J. Del Cid


A. Escoto

Mr. A. Escoto


R. Falk

Mr. R. Falk

Bus Driver/Facilities

A. Froese

Mrs. A. Froese


Mr. S. Maddigan

Mr. S. Maddigan


R. Martinez

Mr. R. Martinez


Ms. D. Pike

Ms. D. Pike


Mr. J. Schmidt

Mr. J. Schmidt


R. Schmidt

Mrs. R. Schmidt


G. Samplonius

Mr. G. Samplonius

Bus Driver

B. Spaulding

Mr. B. Spaulding


R. Tepper

Mr. R. Tepper

Bus Driver

G. Wilton

Mr. G. Wilton

Bus Driver

S. Yankov

Mr. S. Yankov