Service Learning

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At MEI Elementary, we believe that teaching children the importance of serving others is an integral component to providing a holistic educational experience and developing young servant leaders. As an extension of this belief, elementary students are taught how to use their unique gifts and personalities to serve others in both the classroom and community.

Simple principles of sharing, communication, and respect are integrated into daily activities to create an authentic community, to teach students how to love others like Christ. A variety of initiatives including recycling and visits to seniors’ homes allow students to gain real world insights and begin to shape their understanding of what it means to humbly serve others.


MEI Elementary students participate in community-based outreach initiatives are ways to develop essential discipleship characteristics.


Every Friday, students gather in the MEI Elementary Auditorium for fun worship and biblical teaching activities.

Service Opportunities

Every year Elementary students volunteer and raise funds for local and internal projects to help those in need.