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MEI Elementary is filled with special people working very hard to make each and every child’s experience and learning journey a positive and encouraging one. We are blessed with skilled educators and support staff who are committed to supporting students, parents, and each other to achieve common goals.

If you have chosen MEI Elementary for your son or daughter you also believe in our shared goals and we look forward to partnering with you in this journey.

As a school, MEI Elementary regularly looks to reaffirm our core values and to identify those characteristics that make us unique and to which we hold firm regardless of how busy we may get or how many directions we feel ourselves being drawn.

The following statements highlight those values we hold that are core to our existence as a school and are the reason we believe MEI Elementary is such a special place. We are committed to these values and trust that you will see all of our staff members contributing in ways that are supportive of these goals.

Spiritual Formation

At MEI Elementary, we nurture students to know Christ personally and follow Him.
Knowing and following Him equips our students to develop Godly character traits such as honesty, respect, and integrity.

Academics & Learning

MEI Elementary equips students academically through student-centred learning and by inspiring a dedicated work ethic.
This includes differentiating our instruction, being innovative, engaging students, instilling a sense of grit and determination, and valuing life-long learning.

School Culture

MEI Elementary is a community of students, staff, and parents who foster respect in a cooperative and inclusive learning environment.
We seek to love and care for others and in doing so create a safe and secure place for learning.

The school year is full of different activities, events, and learning that may not be itemized in these three statements. This does not imply that they are unimportant. We offer PE classes, intramurals, and sports teams because we believe they are key in helping us to address the items in our core values. The same can be said of many other specific items you may not see listed separately here.

When we talk as a staff, and when we hear from parents and our supporting churches, these are the core values that we hear repeated over and over again. We are happy to share them with you and commit to making them central to all that we do.