Secondary Staff

MEI’s exemplary curriculum is complemented by the teachings of caring and qualified professionals who are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that is conducive to student learning and growth. See a complete list of MEI’s Secondary School staff members below.

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Principal & Vice-Principals

M. Thiessen

Mr. Mark Thiessen

Mr. Thiessen is in his 3rd year as Principal of MEI Secondary. He came to MEI after 21 years of teaching and leadership experience in School District No. 27, where he most recently served as Superintendent from 2012 to 2016. He and his wife Tracey have four children, two of whom attend MEI.

M. Bergen

Mr. Marc Bergen

Mr. Bergen is in his 19th year in education and has worked as teacher and administrator in both public and independent schools. Prior to working at MEI, he served as the Assistant Academic Principal in a Christian school (SPH KV) in Jakarta, Indonesia. His wife, Hilary, works at MEI Middle School, and his two children attend MEI Secondary.

Secondary Teachers

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R. Balzer

Mr. R. Balzer


S. Cooney

Mr S. Cooney

Bible & Math

V. Drew

Mrs. V. Drew

Bible & French

G. Dyck

Mr. G. Dyck


A. Flore

Ms. A. Flore


G. Funk

Mr. G. Funk

History & Geography

C. Girard

Mr. C. Girard

Student Services

S. Hawkes

Mrs. S. Hawkes

PE & Art

P. Hay

Mr P. Hay

Hockey Academy

F. Hofenk

Ms. F. Hofenk

Learning Support

C. Joiner

Mr. C. Joiner

Performing Arts

E. Klassen

Mrs. E. Klassen


G. Klassen

Mr. G. Klassen

Math & Bible

C. Loewen

Mr. C. Loewen


K. Meindertsma


Physical Education

A. Murray

Mrs. A. Murray

Fine Arts

G. Nickel

Mr. G. Nickel


M. Opp

Mr. M. Opp

Info Tech

D. Peters

Mr. D. Peters


D. Peters

Mrs. D. Peters

Physical Education

C. Ratzlaff

Ms. C. Ratzlaff

Student Services

W. Redekop

Mr. W. Redekop

Business Education

M. Rempel

Mr. M. Rempel


D. Renfrey

Mr. D. Renfrey

Bible & Socials

V. Ritter

Mrs. V. Ritter

Math & Science

D. Shuel

Mr. D. Shuel

Bible & PE

T. Smith

Mr. T. Smith

Social Studies & PE

Mrs. S. Thatcher

Mrs. S. Thatcher

Learning Support

R. Thiessen

Mr. R. Thiessen

Social Studies

T. Ward

Mr. T. Ward

Applied Skills

D. Wedel

Mr. D. Wedel

Performing Arts

D. Weiss

Mr. D. Weiss

Bible & Info Tech

J. Williams

Mr. J. Wiliams


Support Staff

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G. Brittain

Mr. G. Brittain

Education Assistant

L. Dahl

Mrs. L. Dahl

Music Assistant

M. Dirks

Mrs. M. Dirks


R. Ewoniak

Ms. R. Ewoniak

Education Assistant

T. Friesen

Mrs. T. Friesen

Education Assistant

N. Gonzales

Mrs. N. Gonzales


S. Gorsalitz

Miss S. Gorsalitz

Education Assistant

R. Havinga

Mr. R. Havinga

IT Manager

K. Janzen

Mr. K. Janzen

Education Assistant

D. Kropp

Mr. D. Kropp

Education Assistant

T. Lewis

Mr. T. Lewis

IT Support

T. McNeill

Mrs. T. McNeill

Education Assistant

S. Pauls

Mrs. S. Pauls


S. Penner

Ms. S. Penner

Library Technician

D. Pike

Mrs. D. Pike


J. Pool

Mrs. J. Pool


V. Richardson

Mr. V. Richardson

Education Assistant

A. Schulz

Mrs. A. Schulz

Education Assistant

R. Schmidt

Mrs. R. Schmidt


J. Tranquada

Mrs. J. Tranquada

Education Assistant

V. Tilitzky

Mrs. V. Tilitzky


J. Torio

Mrs. J. Torio

Education Assistant

C. Wheaton

Mrs. C. Wheaton

Education Assistant

S. Yankov

Mr. S. Yankov