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MEI Secondary has a rich history of graduating students who have gone on to be successful and influential members of society. To this day, our focus remains the same – prepare students for a successful transition into post-secondary education and adulthood, while creating a vibrant and enjoyable high school experience.

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Working in Progress

Blog #9 – Working in Progress

Hello MEI Community,

It’s the first day back after exam week and there’s a sense of newness in the air.  For those of us who commute to and from work/school, we’re beginning to see rays of sunshine (or cloud-shine) during the drive as hours of daylight gradually begin to stretch into the darkness.  Students and teachers are introducing Read more…

Apologetics Canada Seminar: Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

Thursday, March 3, 2016 (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)
MEI Secondary Auditorium
Cost: FREE

Faithful Christian Parenting in a Secular World

Logo_tempMost parents know our society is becoming increasingly secular, and that kids are likely to face some major challenges to their faith because of it. But what exactly does that mean? What are the big questions that challenge so many kids’ faith today? How are kids encountering those challenges? And how can Christian parents equip their kids with a more confident faith?

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Back to the Nest? Vijay Manuel

It’s been quite a journey since this photo was taken sometime during the 1990/1991 basketball season at MEI.
I was the school president, played basketball & volleyball, sang in the choir, played lead trumpet in the jazz & concert bands and finished with honours.  High school was filled with opportunities and I am thankful for the many that I was able learn from and grow to be who I am!

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Sr. Girls Basketball solid performance vs Mouat

The MEI senior girls played a gritty performance on Friday night as they faced the #10 ranked Mouat Hawks. Mouat had defeated the Eagles the two previous times they had faced each other earlier in the season, but that previous history didn’t seem to matter to the young MEI squad. Read more…

New Head of Schools at MEI

MEI Schools is pleased to announce that Vijay Manuel has been appointed Head of Schools effective February 1, 2016.

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The Head of Schools is responsible to lead and manage all aspects of MEI including the learning experience from preschool to graduation.  Read more…


Daily Announcements

Grade 9 Girls basketball team, reminder practice is at 4 at the elementary school.

The Sr. Girls basketball team play a huge league game tonight at home vs Abby Sr. at 6:30 pm. Read more…

MEI Secondary offers students an outstanding selection of course options, to learn and receive a well-rounded high school experience with ample opportunity to explore their interests. Read more…
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While we strive to maintain a strong tradition of athletic achievement, developing Christian character in our student athletes is a central focus of our athletics program. Read more…