The 3 P’s

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MEI Preschool is for families seeking a positive preschool experience integrated with Christian values. We believe that each child is a very precious gift from God and hold that the care and nurture of every child is a sacred trust. We therefore strive to instill the idea that each of us is special and loved. MEI Preschool provides a loving and caring environment in which early-stage academics, socialization, Christian education and fun are all components. We consider it a privilege and responsibility to serve our community by offering a quality preschool program.


Learning is a natural part of living, designed to reveal truths about God, ourselves, others, and the world around us. Central to our programming is the understanding that children learn best through play. It is through the act of doing, engaging their senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch that children sense fulfillment in the process of learning. The joy of learning is sustained over time as children have fun interacting with peers and early childhood educators in a variety of activities. Competencies are developed as children feel safe, secure and confident to make choices and try new experiences.


God has given to each child his or her own set of talents and gifts. These gifts are life seeds that begin to grow as they are given the proper nurture. Children gain feelings of positive self-worth and become active learners in a carefully designed environment which offers opportunities for problem solving, challenges and successes. Well established learning centers, planned and guided activities, and weekly themes provide the program‛s foundations. MEI Preschool is a place of wonder that provides the opportunity to question, explore, celebrate and succeed in God‛s world.