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Program Philosophy:

We strive to bring creativity and imagination into the preschool classroom. Our curriculum is based on the knowledge that children do learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Our preschool classes incorporate social, emotional, spiritual and academic development activities and are designed to help your child work cooperatively with classmates, get used to school routines and develop the foundations for school success. Theses activities are offered through the use of circle times, centres, art, phonics, special events, outside place, exploring and field trips. Christian principles will be integrated into all aspects of the curriculum along with daily prayer time and devotionals. We aim to provide an atmosphere though which children will be able to develop a healthy self-esteem, confidence, desire to learn, an appreciation and consideration of others as well as a responsibility to care for our environment.


What will my child learn at preschool?
Your child will learn how to play and work together in a group setting as well as engage in activities that activate problem solving, gross and fine motor skills, social emotional skills.

What does a typical day look like?
We start our day with a short free play time while we wait for everyone to arrive. We then have a short circle time where we pray for our day and talk about what is happening that class. We then have time to explore the preschool and centres that are set up and also have snack time. We have outdoor time every day as well. Just before it is time to be dismissed, we end with prayer and devotion time and sing our good-bye song.

What do you provide to help my child get ready for kindergarten?
We provide opportunities for children to learn routines, independence and follow instruction. Each four year old class has scheduled library and gym time at the elementary school.

For the 2018/19 School Year we are offering:

M/W/F am class (4 yr olds) which runs from 8:40-12:15
M/W/F pm class (4 yr olds) which runs from 12:15-2:45
T/Th am class (3 yr olds) which runs from 8:40-10:40.

These classes all take place in the preschool portable. All of our classes have regular gym and library times (3 yr olds start doing this 1/2 way through the year) and the M/W/F am class attends chapel as well.

MEI Open Air Class

We also have a T/Th pm( 4 yr olds) class that runs from 12:15-2:45

This is an Open Air class which is run primarily on MEI’s property which is located on the south side of Downes Rd directly across from MEI Elementary. It is a 20+ acre piece of land consisting of field, bush, a creek, forest and rolling hills. We use this space to immerse our students in outdoor learning and exploratory play while providing children with the opportunity to connect with their environment in a Christ centred way. We have a 1:5 teacher to student ratio for this class.


What will your child need to bring?

  • A backpack that your child can carry comfortably (preferably water resistant)
  • A snack in a reusable container
  • A whistle attached to your child’s jacket (MEI Open Air will provide this)
  • A water bottle
  • A non- breakable cup for tea (we will provide the tea)
  • Extra change of clothing (pants, shirt, socks, underwear, gloves)
  • Optional: reusable hand warmers
What will your child need to wear?

When you are outdoors for any length of time, comfort is very important. Good clothing makes the difference between a child who is engaged with an activity and the environment and a child who is uncomfortable and unhappy.

When it’s rainy, we recommend:

  • Start with an inner layer of natural fabric such as wool. This will provide a warm, breathable layer.
  • A middle layer of insulation made of wool or fleece.
  • An outer shell of waterproof, windproof clothing, including a rain jacket and rain pants.
  • For the feet, we recommend neoprene boots (ie: Bogs, Kamiks). Alternatively, your child can wear waterproof boots that are one size too large with two pairs of socks.
  • Top off with a warm, waterproof hat.

When it’s cold, please add:

  • Warm and waterproof gloves that slip on and off easily
  • Long underwear
  • An extra pair of warm gloves and warm socks in your child’s bag
  • Extra Clothing

What about inclement weather?

The class will be outside rain or shine. During the wetter months, we will be practicing our shelter building using tarps and trees. Usually children that are dressed well are happy to play outdoors no matter what the weather. However, on occasion, the weather may become too hazardous for children to be playing outdoors. If the property is deemed too risky due to high winds or weather such as a thunderstorm, we will head indoors to our preschool portable.

Are there washroom facilities?

We ask that children go to the washroom before arriving at MEI Open Air Preschool. If a child needs to use the washroom while at MEI Open Air Preschool, a teacher will take them to the nearest facility depending on where we are on the property. This could be our outhouse that is maintained regularly or one of the buildings on the MEI campus. If your child needs to go during the class when we are not near a bathroom, they will be taught how to properly “go” outside.