Middle School Staff

MEI’s exemplary curriculum is complemented by the teachings of caring and qualified professionals who are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that is conducive to student learning and growth. See a complete list of MEI’s Secondary School staff members below.

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Principal & Vice-Principal

H. Smith

Ms. Heather Smith

Heather Smith just celebrated her 25th year at MEI, having worked at both the Secondary and Middle School as Secondary Teacher, Secondary Vice-Principal and Middle School Principal. Her Masters degrees are in Educational Leadership and Technology; and Counselling and her Doctoral studies were in the area of Educational Leadership and Service-Learning.
E-Mail: hsmith@meischools.com

S. LaForest

Mr. Sean LaForest

Sean LaForest started his teaching career as a Grade 7 classroom teacher at MEI Middle. He was instrumental in launching Digital Immersion at MEI Middle School. He completed his Masters degree in Educational Leadership at City University. He is married with 3 children and his family enjoys caring for a menagerie of animals. In addition to serving as Vice-Principal, Sean continues to teach Leadership 8 and PE 6.
E-Mail: slaforest@meischools.com

Middle School Teachers

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M. Bacon

Mr. M. Bacon

Tech Ed/Grade 8

Mrs. M. Benger

Grade 8

Mrs. H. Bergen

Grade 6

Mrs. J. Bucknam

Grade 6

Ms. J. Doerksen

Grade 7

D. Dueck

Mrs. D. Dueck

Instructional Coach

S. Fehr

Mrs. S. Fehr

Grade 8

S. Funk

Mrs. S. Funk

Grade 7

L. Gossen

Ms. L. Gossen

Grade 7

M. Groen

Mrs. M. Groen


K. Hein

Mrs. K. Hein

Grade 8

D. Jackson

Mr. D. Jackson

Grade 6

J. Jackson

Mrs. J. Jackson

Grade 6

P. Johnson

Mr. P. Johnson

Grade 8

K. Neudorf

Mrs. K. Neudorf

Grade 7

J. Nickel

Mr. J. Nickel

Grade 8

R. Peters

Mr. R. Peters

Grade 7

G. Regehr

Mr. G. Regehr

Grade 6

J. Roberts

Mrs. J. Roberts

Student Support

D. Ross

Mrs. D. Ross

Spec. Ed. Consultant

T. French-Russell

Mrs. T. Russell

Learning Support

V. Schimdt

Mrs. V. Schimdt


V. Toews

Ms. V. Toews


R. Wiebe

Mr. R. Wiebe

PE/Athletic Director

Support Staff

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Mrs. L. Bergen

Education Assistant

Mrs. A. Brittain

Education Assistant

Mrs. T. Burritt

Library Technician

M. Cruikshanks

Mrs. Cruikshanks

Int. Program

H. Duncan

Mrs. H. Duncan

Education Assistant

R. Dyck

Mrs. R. Dyck

Lead Secretary

A. Escoto

Mr. A. Escoto


A. Froese

Mrs. A. Froese


V. Fekete

Ms. V. Gratton

Education Assistant

Mrs. V. Harvey

Education Assistant

Mrs. S. Healy

Education Assistant

M. Loewen

Mrs. M. Loewen

Education Assistant

U. Martinez

Mrs. U. Martinez


D. McGowan

Mrs. D. McGowan

Education Assistant

R. McGowan

Mr. R. McGowan

Education Assistant

L. Mills

Mrs. L. Mills

Education Assistant

L. Mills

Mrs. N. Owen

Education Assistant

Miss S. Paul

Education Assistant

P. Reimer

Mrs. P. Reimer

Education Assistant

Mrs. N. Sawatsky

Education Assistant

G. Thiessen

Mrs. G. Thiessen

Education Assistant

L. Underwood

Mrs. Underwood

Education Assistant

K. Unrau

Mrs. K. Unrau


Mrs. R. Vance


K. Wall

Mrs. K. Wall

Education Assistant

J. Worrall

Mr. J. Worrall

Education Assistant