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The middle school years mark a significant formational time in students’ lives. Along with transitioning into adolescence and adjusting to the new responsibilities that this brings, students are seeking to become their own person. To support their development, MEI Middle School provides a variety of Exploratory and elective courses allowing students to engage their hands and minds, discover areas of interest and aptitude, and develop valuable life skills.

The Middle School years mark the time for students to try new things! We provide a variety of opportunities for students to explore and experience new activities both in and outside of the classroom. In addition to the prescribed academic curriculum in British Columbia and a wealth of opportunities in the areas of music, drama, home economics, and industrial education (woodworking); students have the opportunity to explore technology through Info-Tech (Video Production) and Tech-Ed (Electronics, CO2 Cars, Bridge-building and Jewelry making). Every student will explore technology hands-on in our Tech Ed program and every Grade 7 and 8 student will move through a Leadership/Service Exploratory.

Info Tech

Students learn digital photography, text design and presentations using PowerPoint and Word, design their own websites and learn video production and editing.


Tech Ed

Student enjoy a problem-solving, engineering based curriculum. Bridges are built and tested for design and strength, cars are constructed and raced with speeds up to 72 miles per hour, students cast silver rings and build robots as they have the opportunity to launch into our school’s Robotics program.



Students learn and basic sewing techniques to create projects like tote bags, zippered pencil cases, boxer shorts, lunch bags and stuffies.



Every class is primarily devoted to the preparation of a recipe. Students learn to cook breakfast, lunch, meat, pasta and learn how to bake muffins, biscuits, cookies, cakes and yeast breads.


Service 7 and 8

In teams, our students serve around the Abbotsford community, with a parent driver/facilitator. Students interact with organizations such as care homes, MCC, SPCA, bag groceries for people in local grocery stores and serve at the Salvation Army.



Students are exposed to machinery, materials, processes and an environment that requires problem-solving skills unique to construction. Students will have the opportunity to build a variety of woodwork projects.


Health & Career Ed

Students are encouraged to apply classroom learning to the demands of the working world and expectations of society. Skills, attitudes and behavior will assist them in making informed decisions related to their health, education and future careers.