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In the spirit of staying fit, fostering teamwork, and whole-student development, MEI Middle School is committed to offering a strong Athletics Program that is built on a philosophy of participation. Through competitive sport, physical education, and recreational activities, students are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves as they refine and expand essential academic, physical, and social competencies.

Qualified teacher-coaches provide skilled instruction while demonstrating the fundamental Christian values of integrity, sportsmanship, and hard work as we strive to teach students how to be representatives of Christ in the context of sport and recreation.

Students participate in: Soccer, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, and Track & Field. In addition, our Grade 8 students have the opportunity to swim on the Swim team. Any Grade 6 wanting to play a sport is encouraged to do so. At the Grade 7 and 8 levels, when try-outs are implemented, MEI offers Inner-School playing opportunities to all students in addition to our regular Intramural program at noon.

A look at the various sports teams in our school and which coaches are part of each team.
MEI strives to keep students and parents up to date on the athletic events of our school.