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Grade 12 Student
MEI Secondary School

“MEI has become such a big part of my life because I have had so many opportunities here to grow in my strengths.”

My name is Samantha and I am in grade 12. I have been attending MEI for twelve years so far and have loved every minute of it. Growing up here has taught me and inspired me in many different ways. That is one of the reasons this school means so much to me. From playing with friends on that very first day to moving on to a new building this place has helped me grow both mindfully and spiritually. In the past two months I have made the middle to high school transition. Even though I had my old friends experiencing the change was a little nerve wracking. But in no time I felt the warm welcoming of the high school building, along with all the teachers and students. MEI has always been a comfortable environment for me, there are always teachers willing to help and friendly faces waiting to be your friend. That’s what I think is a big part of what MEI is all about, community. And trust me I know the difference. A couple years ago I had to move schools because of our family ministry, and was thrown into a total different atmosphere. Fortunately, a year later we had a chance to come back and I gladly took it! I then approached MEI with a new respect. The society here was anything but the same!

A turning point in my faith journey happened here in grade 4. As part of our bible class, we were all expected to share devotions with the class individually each morning. When I heard about this I remember feeling anything but excited. Honestly, I was very self conscious about my faith and was not ready to share about it. None the less, my teacher, Mrs. Loewen insisted on me sharing. So with her encouragement and my parents support, I finally agreed. I even found myself volunteering to go first, eager to get this over with. As soon as I started sharing something inside me clicked. I realized that getting my speech over would not be the best part but my growth in my relationship with Christ. That day in grade 4, I came closer to God and have been growing closer to him ever since. That’s one way this school has helped me. The biblical aspect really encourages me through all my doubts. Spiritual Emphasis Week has also has become a favourite. This is when a local pastor comes out and talks to us a week. You would think that a teenager would get bored sitting through an hour of a sermon. But actually it’s a lot more interesting. I like it how we have a chance to tackle the hard subjects like pondering the reality of the bible and understanding God’s will.

Overall, MEI has become such a big part of my life because I have had so many opportunities here to grow in my strengths, for example, singing, sports, and academics. Here in the high school there are many choirs, sport teams, and student activities you can be a part of. Right now I am involved with 4 different school activities, and even though it takes up some of my time, I still love being apart of it! With all this I really believe that MEI gives students a strong foundation both academically and spiritually. MEI has been my home ever since kindergarten, and through the most embarrassing moment to my most prideful moments, this school has molded me to become who I am today.