New Agricultural Program

New Agricultural Program

MEI is excited about its new Agricultural initiative at all three schools. Thanks to a generous grant from the Abbotsford Community Foundation, MEI has received funds for initial start-up costs to bring land in the Agricultural Land Reserve back into production.

The Mennonite community has a long history of farming, and it is Abbotsford’s main industry, so it seemed only natural to apply for the grant last spring as MEI owns 19 acres on the south side of Downes Road that sits in the ALR. We are excited by the opportunities to:

  • Educate our students in sustainable agriculture practices,
  • Connect with our alumni who are now agriculture leaders here in Abbotsford, and
  • Grow produce for the good of the community.

With the help of the agriculture industry and our MEI community, we hope to have greenhouse operations by the spring of 2019, as well as field crops. Students from all three schools will be involved in growing a variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. And although some of the produce will go to our foods programs, the remainder of the produce will go to worthy causes and charities here in Abbotsford.

There is much potential in this initiative, from planting the seeds in the farmers of tomorrow, to harvesting the wealth of knowledge from agricultural leaders in our MEI community. If you are one of these leaders, we would love to have your input.

We welcome donations: hoes, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, potting tools, harvest bins, etc.

Please contact MEI Secondary teacher Gary Funk at

Submitted by Gary Funk, MEI Secondary Teacher and MEI Alumnus (1984)