Mission Statement

The mission of MEI, in cooperation with the home and our supporting churches, is to equip young people to live a life of excellence through service to God’s kingdom and society as faithful disciples of Christ.

MEI Core Values

• MEI values its Christian foundation as understood from an evangelical Anabaptist perspective.

• MEI values a holistic educational focus aimed at educating the student as a complete person – academically, spiritually,

socially, emotionally and physically.

• MEI values excellence and integrity in all areas of its work.
• MEI values affirmation and mutual accountability throughout the entire organization.
• MEI values fiscal responsibility in the fulfillment of its mission.
• MEI values the dignity and worth of each individual.
• MEI values its partnership with both the home and the Supporting Churches.

MEI Confession of Faith

MEI Society subscribes to the Confession of Faith determined by the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

Click here to see the MB Confession of Faith.

MEI Strategic Plan

Click here to see version 3.0 of the strategic plan for MEI.