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Grade 10 Student
MEI Secondary School

We began talking about me coming to MEI about a year ago, but we didn’t think too seriously about it until the end of my grade seven year. When it became closer to the school year, we really had to think about it. We took a few school tours and compared the pros and cons of attending my old school vs. MEI. MEI definitely offered better education and I would have the opportunity to take guitar.

I was really looking forward to the great education and the music program. However, I was nervous about leaving my friends and meeting new friends (even though my mom told me not to worry about making new friends. My classmates were friendly and included me right away.

The biggest change for me this year is that I feel like I am learning more in my classes. I am finding my classes more challenging, but I’m also getting better grades because I can check my grades regularly so that I know where I’m doing well and also what I need to improve on.

In Grade Eight music you get to learn guitar and how to read music. I have always wanted to be able to read music and play guitar, so I am really enjoying music class. The exploratory classes are great. So far this year I have had sewing (where I made a stuffed football, boxer shorts, a lunch bag and a drawstring bag), and I have just started cooking class. I am really looking forward to doing construction and info tech later this year.

One thing we’ve had this year that I have enjoyed is Spiritual Emphasis Week. We had a special speaker who led a session with us every day for a whole week. His main focus was on knowing God, rather than just knowing about Him. He was a fun speaker, but he had a good way of getting his message across.

We’ve also done the EXPLORE program, which is kind of like Spiritual Emphasis Week, except that it is just for grade eights, and we do it twice a week for nine weeks. A youth pastor gives a lesson on what Christianity is, and we discuss it as a table group with our adult leader.

One opportunity I’ve had is to be in the grade eight leadership program. We have class every Tuesday morning at 7:00 am to talk about what a leader is, and to plan special events for the school. I’ve enjoyed being with other good leaders to make these events exciting for students.