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Grade 9 Student
MEI Middle School

Hi my name is Janae and I am in Grade 9 at MEI Secondary School. I have been attending ever since I walked through the doors of Preschool! MEI has been my favorite and only school since preschool when I was 4 years old!

My journey from Preschool to Grade 9 was started playing on the playground, playing tag, going on the swings, walking the track, and hanging out with my friends. In Grade 4 I was selected to be on the SALT Team – this is the student council for the Elementary School. SALT stands for Student Active Leadership Team I learned a lot about leadership by serving others and this was a really cool experience. My dad even came with us on our retreat to Stave Lake! On Monday mornings a group of middle school girls come to a room and do a bible study. We talk, pray and listen to what God has to say to us.

In grade 4 my teacher was Mrs. Willms, and at first I didn’t know what to think of her. However, the first day of school when I saw her, I immediately knew the year was going to be one of my favorites! She has had a big impact on me and my life because she taught me to respect others, and I also learned that you can worship God through many ways and he will love me know matter what! I have been blessed with many great teachers in my 8 years at MEI – I could talk to any of them about anything and they would listen and help me to do something better.

At MEI Middle on Wednesday mornings we have a 20 minute block called SGA which stands for Small Group Advisory. There we pray and talk about our lives and if there is anything we need to pray for someone or something. This year in Grade 7 we have an exploratory that is called Service Learning. We go to the tabor home, Salvation Army, Food Bank, and MCC warehouse. It was a privilege that we could go and see what some people do for a living and how they help the community.