Registration Process

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Complete an MEI Hockey Academy Registration Form and deliver to MEI Elementary School Office. Registration(s) will not be accepted if anything is missing.

MEI Hockey Academy Registration Document

Include the following with your registration and deliver to MEI Elementary School Office. Registration(s) will not be accepted if anything is missing!

– Non-refundable $500 registration deposit – payable to MEI Schools
– All deposits will be applied to your Hockey Academy Fees.
– If paying 10 monthly installments for the program fill out the Pre-authorized form below

Payment Schedule and Policy

Pre-authorized Debit Form

– If paying in full for the program fill out the Credit Card Agreement below

Credit Card Agreement

For NEW students complete an MEI Schools Registration Form

Click HERE to register at MEI Schools

Program Details

Program Length: September to Mid May (9.5 month program)

Annual Fees Deposit (non-refundable):


Annual Fees: Payable as a lump sum or in monthly installments on the 15th of the month, from September to June.

Intro to Hockey (Grades 1-3): $1000

($500 Deposit plus $50 monthly Pre-Authorized Debit from September 15 to June 15)

Elementary (Grades 4-5): $2200

($500 Deposit plus $170 monthly Pre-Authorized Debit from September 15 to June 15)

Middle School (Grades 6-8): $2200

($500 Deposit plus $170 monthly Pre-Authorized Debit from September 15 to June 15)

High School 2nd Semester P.E. Hockey Class (Grades 9-12) : $1520

($500 Deposit plus $170 monthly Pre-Authorized Debit from January 15 to June 15)

*Player fees are subject to change based on enrollment

Program Fees Cover

• On-ice sessions (ice time rental)
• Skatemill costs and expenses
• Instructor costs – on-ice and off-ice
• Hockey Canada License and Insurance
• Program equipment, supplies, and Academy clothing
• AAA Professional Photos
• Apex Outdoor Retreat (Grades 9-12)
• Guest Speakers
• Field Trips
• Transportation costs
Sporttesting fees
• Dryland Training

MEI Hockey Academy Player Policy

– Our registration NON refundable deposit is $500 for the Hockey Academy. This covers your registration and commitment fee. This goes toward total tuition.

– The waiting list protocol to get into an MEI School: Normal MEI policy – siblings, supporting church members, and then open to all others including Hockey Academy players. Hockey Academy takes all MEI full time students first, then wait-listed students, followed by Non-MEI players.

– All Non-MEI players will be allowed into the Hockey Academy at an additional admin fee of $250 above the regular Hockey Academy program rate.

– If an MEI grade is full but the player wants to participate in the Hockey Academy the student will be put on a wait list for MEI but will still be able to attend the Hockey Academy if there is room.

– If a student enters the Hockey Academy part way through year, the tuition is equal to the pro-rated cost for the balance of the year, calculated on a per month basis. Players must still pay the full $500 non-refundable registration fee that goes toward overall program costs at the time of registration.

– If a player is injured and must sit out more than 3 months (12 weeks) they will receive a full refund of tuition fees beyond the 3 months. Payment of tuition fees resumes if and when the player returns to the Hockey Academy.

– If a player is injured and must sit out the rest of year the player will be refunded the balance remaining; however, the initial deposit is non-refundable. A signed doctor’s note must accompany a request for reimbursement due to injury.

– All players must keep MEI School accounts up to date as a condition of on-going participation in the Hockey Academy.

– Any player that is enrolled in the MEI Schools Tuition Assistance plan will not be accepted in the Hockey Academy.

– Some players prefer to be part of the Hockey Academy as a full time MEI students but on a part time participation basis in the Hockey Academy due to busy schedules, other commitments, and conflicting priorities. Students are allowed to attend the academy part time at a slight discount. Please contact us for more information.

Student Bursary Program

Our goal is to make the MEI Hockey Academy accessible to all families desiring a character and skills based hockey program for their child.  If you cannot afford the Hockey Academy but would like to be part of the program and are already a MEI student you may apply for a bursary.   To do so, send an e-mail to and explain why you would be a good candidate for this bursary. The bursary may be for full or partial funding toward the Hockey Academy. Criteria for this bursary are:

• A difficult family circumstance
• Financial hardships
• Student is enrolled FULL-time at an MEI School.
• Student is a model student who has a strong work ethic, doing his/her best at all times.
• Student has a strong character and values good behavior.
• Player supplies a recommendation letter from a teacher of the current or previous school year.



Peter Hay
Director of MEI Hockey Academy