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Students will participate in the on ice and off ice programs before, during and after school. Elementary and Middle school students will participate in the regular P.E. curriculum with lunch time dryland and character building one day a week. High School students grade 9-12 will participate in the Hockey Academy as a 4 credit class including 2 ice times and a dryland session per week during block 4. Approximately 60 on-ice sessions with weekly off-ice sessions will be scheduled throughout the school year. All levels of the Hockey Academy Program will run for the entire school year (9.5 months – Sept to Mid May). See Master Schedule below for more details.

Complete Schedule for 2017/18 School Year

MEI Hockey Academy Academy On Ice Schedule

Equipment Storage and Pick-up

Equipment can be picked up anytime as it is a combo lock that all participants have. The MEI Hockey Academy Storage Bin located in the upper parking lot by the MEI buses.

If you miss that 15 min window you can simply open the locker on your own with the convenient combo lock.

Missed Ice Times, Questions or Concerns

Please e-mail Mr.Hay at


MEI buses will provide transportation to and from the rink or training facility. Transportation costs are included in the registration fee.

Elementary (Gr 3-5)

Tuesday 7:15-8:15am Ice Time (Bus from Center Ice to MEI)
Wednesday @ Lunch in Gym for Dryland / Character building.
Thursday 7:15-8:15am Ice Time (Bus from Center Ice to MEI)

Middle School (Gr 6-8)

Monday 7:30-8:30am Ice Time (Bus from Center Ice to MEI)
Monday @ Lunch in Gym/Multi Purpose room – Character Building and Gym activities
Wednesday 7:15-8:15am Ice Time (Bus From MEI to Center Ice)

High School (Gr 9-12)

Monday 2:00-3:00pm Ice Time (Bus from MEI to Center Ice)
Wednesday 10:30-11:30am (Bus to Center Ice and back to MEI)

*Friday on day 1 and 3 players will meet for team building activities and gym work outs at Apollo Athletic Club.

**In April Competitive Class players will play in the BC High School Hockey League and will travel to away tournaments.

MEI Hockey Academy Master Weekly Schedule (subject to change)

7:30 – 8:30am @ CIB
Middle School (Gr 6-8)
7:15-8:15am @ CIB
Elementary (Gr 3-5)
7:15-8:15am @ CIB
Middle (Gr 6-8)
7:15-8:15am @ CIB
Elementary (Gr 3-5)
11:30-11:45am @ MEI Middle Gym (Character Building)

10:30-11:30am @ CIB High School (Gr 9-12)

Day 1 & 3 @ Apollo Athletic Club (Gr 9-12)


12:20-12:50 pm @ Elementary Gym (Gr 3-5) Gym Hockey & Character Building
2:00-3:00pm CIB
High School (Gr 9-12)