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Mr. Vijay Manuel

Vijay is the Head of Schools at MEI Schools. The Head of Schools is responsible to lead and manage all aspects of MEI, including the learning experience from preschool to graduation. Connect with @HeadofSchools by clicking on a social media icon on the right.
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Head of Schools Blog: Reflecting on Year #1 at MEI

Source: MEI Head of Schools Blog

February 1st, 2017 marks the start of my second year at MEI.  Of course, it’s actually the start of my 7th year, but that’s only if you include my 5 years as a high school student… Grad ’91!  It’s been an amazing year of getting to know the MEI Schools, building a vision and direction, and establishing systems and teams to support that direction.  Read More…

School Closure?

School Closure Decision Making Processes include:

– assessment of sidewalks & stairways
– assessment of parking lots
– assessment of bus routes (staff driving the routes)
– assessment of general driving conditions
– assessment of weather, current & projections
– consultation with neighbouring schools & districts
– consultation with principals
– prayer  Read More…

Wash or Vacuum?

Source: MEI Head of Schools Blog

So are you a wash the car or vacuum the car person?  My wife and I see this one differently.  She would wash the car first and view that as the priority whereas I would clean the inside first.  Certainly both tasks have their importance Read More…

Teaching the Next Generation

Source: Head of Schools Blog

It’s hard to imagine what the world will be like when the students who entered kindergarten in 2016 graduate from MEI Secondary in the year 2029.

What jobs will they apply for and what skills will be required in order to win those jobs? If you have this answer please write down your thoughts and publish a book because the whole education world is asking this question right now… and congratulations on your #1 Best Seller! Read More…

MEI Vision for 2016 – 2019

Source: MEI Head of Schools Blog

I am pleased to present the vision document for the coming few years at MEI. The creation of this plan was led by and primarily created by our Senior Leadership Team (Head of Schools, Principals) and involved MEI Schools Department Leaders, Vice Principals and a representation of Teachers and Support Staff. Read More…